How to get into Raiffeisenbank personal account

Raffasenbank closely monitors market trends and offers its customers the most popular and sought-after services. One of them is the ability to remotely manage funds, which allows customers to receive bank services, track information on accounts and cards, and perform financial transactions remotely, without contacting a bank branch through their personal account.

All Raiffeisenbank cardholders can take advantage of remote banking. To access your account, you must first register in it. This can be done in several ways.

The easiest is to activate the service by contacting a bank branch and presenting a passport and customer card. This operation is performed within a few minutes.

If you don’t want to go to the bank, you can access the client’s personal account by calling the bank’s customer support hotline at 8-800 700-91-00,at the same time, the operator will need to provide the passport data of the user and the code word that was indicated earlier when opening the account.

The client can get access to his personal account through the menu of the Raiffeisenbank ATM, where you need to select the connection section using the card and receive a check with a login and an SMS message with the code to enter the account. Please note that the code is valid for two days. After this period, access to the personal account using this data will be impossible and the procedure will have to be repeated anew.

You can also register in the personal account of Raiffeisenbank on the official website of the bank by filling in the appropriate fields, which will require you to specify the card number, its validity period and the secret code indicated on the back of the card. Then you will only have to wait for an SMS message with a password for authorization.

After registering and activating a personal account, the client will be able to log into the Internet bank at any time convenient for him and check the status of the account and make the necessary financial transactions.

After the first login to the Raiffeisenbank personal account, in order to increase security when working with the Internet bank, the client will be asked to change the data that was used for authorization. To do this, next to the password field, you need to click the change button and specify a new nickname (login). In the line for the password should indicate a new password. After that, in the current password you need to enter the old code from the SMS. After completing these steps, you only need to save the changes.
Please note that every 180 days the system will automatically offer to change the client's secret data (username and password used to log in to your personal account). This is necessary for the safety of work in your account and the safety of user data.

Also, clients of Raiffeisenbank can install a special mobile application R-Connect to work in their personal account using a smartphone or tablet.

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