How to get maternity capital on hand in 2017

To receive funds, contact the territorial Pension Fund at the place of residence, having the following documents: - state certificate for maternity capital; - passport (if the documents for construction, land plot or house are issued to the certificate holder’s spouse, then you must present his passport and certificate about marriage); - a document confirming the right of ownership or lease of a land plot for individual housing construction; - a building permit; - a certificate of state ownership gistratsii ownership of housing (using the maternity capital for reconstruction) - notarized written commitment of the spouses (spouses) that within 6 months after receiving a cadastral passport for housing they will issue it in the common shared ownership of the family, including the first, second,the third and subsequent children with the determination of the size of shares by agreement; - a document confirming the opening of a bank account indicating the details

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