How to get rid of the wireworm at the dacha

The first and most harmless to the earth method to combat wireworm is agrotechnical method. For example, it includes the destruction of uncultured plants, that is, weeds, special attention in this situation should be paid to the couch grass. It is also possible to carry out liming and soil phosphorus. Do not forget about the crop rotation, that is, to plant with those plants that are harmed by the wireworms, annual legumes. In addition to all this, you should remove all sorts of plant garbage from the dacha.
The next way to destroy the wire from the suburban area are all kinds of bait. Make them easy. To do this, cut, for example, potatoes or beets into several fairly large slices. Then plant each of them on a wooden stick or a small iron rod and bury it in the soil at a depth of 10-15 centimeters. These baits extract every day from the ground and destroy any larvae.This procedure is recommended for a few days before planting crops, and then throughout the season.
Not bad cope with wireworms and traps. To install it, take a half-liter glass jar on the floor, place carrot, beet or potato pieces in the bottom and bury it in the neck. Check installed traps every 2-3 days. This method is best used throughout the season. By the way, it is effective not only in the fight against wireworm larvae, but also with adult individuals, that is, nutcracker beetles.
If all of the above methods do not suit you, then you can use the simplest, but rather harmful for the soil, that is, use the insecticide diazinon, in other words, a means of chemical origin. Please note that after this procedure, it will not be possible to plant edible cultivated plants for a while on the treated soil.

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