How to get to Kemerovo?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
December 25, 2014
How to get to Kemerovo?

Kemerovo usually travels to work, to relatives, for some other reason, and very, very rarely - as a tourist. The city can be called the industrial center of Russia, since the largest coal, chemical and food enterprises are located in it. From our article you will learn how to get to Kemerovo on various vehicles.

We fly to Kemerovo by plane

The most convenient way is by plane from the capital to the city of Kemerovo. Daily flights from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo take off flights of various airlines in the direction of Kemerovo. You can fly on a direct flight in about 5 hours. You can familiarize yourself with the schedule of Aeroflot.

How to get to Kemerovo by train

An alternative option to visit Kemerovo is to go there by long-distance train (Moscow-Kemerovo). This train departs on its route once every two days from the Yaroslavsky railway station. The road will take about 2 days with a tail. You can find out the train schedule from the capital and other cities of Russia to the city of Kemerovo.

We are driving

Perhaps the most interesting route is the route by private car. True, you will have to travel 3,600 km and spend 2 days on the trip (this is non-stop), and it is necessary to rest on such a route, unless you have a second driver nearby. From the capital you need to go to the M-7 (“Volga”), go along it in the direction of Kazan, and then keep on this route without turning anywhere. After you pass Ufa, take the M-5 (“Ural”) highway, and after passing Chelyabinsk, you should take the R-254 (“Irtysh”) and go to Omsk.

Only then will you be able to go to the required route to Kemerovo - M-51 (leads to Novosibirsk). After Novosibirsk, drive about 260 km (4 hours). It should be noted that some sections of the road (Vladimir - Cheboksary and Chelyabinsk - Omsk) are the most problematic, therefore you should not exceed the speed there.

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