How to keep the original look of a fur coat from a muton for many years

Mouton fur coat is a type of winter clothing that combines presentable, affordable cost and a high degree of heat preservation. But sooner or later the question arises of how best to clean the fur from various contaminants.

Safety precautions and precautions

Many substances used to clean the mouton are aggressive. In one case, the negative consequences can be avoided, while in others the fur and skin of the hands may suffer. The reason lies in the incorrect observance of the proportions of the preparation of the agent or in the structure of the pile (the product is sewn from the tender fur of a young animal).

ATTENTION! Before applying the product, test it on the wrong side. Do not forget about caution in working with aggressive substances: work slowly, in rubber gloves.

Popular folk remedies for cleaning coats from Mouton

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Fatty stains can be removed with a solution based on vinegar, which is prepared from three components in equal proportions: vinegar, medical alcohol and water.The pile is treated with a foam sponge, dried with a napkin and dried in the open air.


Glycerin helps in home conditions to return a lost softness to a muton. To do this, take 1 egg yolk, pound with one article. spoon of glycerin and add half a liter of warm water. The mixture is rubbed into the leather base of the fur, and after drying, knead. The procedure is repeated three times, with a break of 2 hours. At the end, the fur coat is folded "with a fizzy skin", it is kept for about 4 hours. Dry on hangers in a ventilated room.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

A method for a coat from a light mouton, when it becomes necessary to restore shine and freshness. 2-4 drops of ammonia are added to the container with hydrogen peroxide. The solution is distributed over the surface of the fur using foam rubber. Excess moisture is removed with a paper towel. The fur coat is dried on hangers in a room with good access to air.


The fur coat is spread on a horizontal surface, and evenly sprinkled with starch. Trying not to damage the fur, the powder is rubbed with gentle movements. Darkened starch shake out or remove with a vacuum cleaner at low power.In case of severe contamination, repeat the procedure.

Soap solution


This method is for minor contamination on a light fur coat. In a container with warm water dissolve soap or shampoo, beat up until a thick foam appears. The agent is distributed on the problem site, allowed to dry and removed with a soft brush. To dry the coat, it is hung in a warm ventilated room.


The effect of starch can be enhanced with gasoline. This method is effective in cleaning the bright mouton. From starch and gasoline preparing a viscous mass, which are treated contaminated areas, or the whole product. A few minutes after drying, the mixture is removed with a soft brush. To remove the smell of gasoline, the fur coat is ventilated outdoors.

Other home remedies

An effective way to clean a mouton is to use wheat bran. They need to be heated in the oven, and then act as in the case of starch: spread on the surface, handle in circular motions, paying attention to the contaminated sites. At the end of the procedure, shake the shoe, gently knock out the lining on the side of the lining, brush off brittle pieces of bran from the nap.

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Dry method of cleaning fur

The dry method is used when the pollution needs to be eliminated quickly. To remove dried street dirt enough to comb a fur coat with a soft brush. If there is no result, residual stains can be removed with a weak solution of Vanish. It is applied to the problem area, and after a few minutes, it is again brushed.

How to clean the lining and collar

To clean the lining, lay a fur coat on the table with the fur down. The fabric is treated with a sponge moistened with soapy water, then wiped with a damp cloth, and finally with a dry material. To ensure that the product is not deformed, hang it on your shoulders at room temperature.

The collar of a fur coat is polluted the fastest. Therefore, it will have to be cleaned more often. To do this, select one of the known methods.

Specialized household chemicals

Latex gloves

BIO range of products is recognized to be harmless and effective for removing contaminants. They are sold both in sets, and separately.

In addition, drugs are produced that help maintain the original appearance of the fur due to enrichment with beneficial substances.

If it was necessary to remove a fat spot from a muton fur coat, an aerosol for cleaning suede and velor will help.

Secrets of cleaning light mouton

For a light mouton, suitable methods using starch, a mixture of starch with gasoline, bran. The same effect can be achieved with the help of semolina. An effective method using a dog shampoo: whipped foam is applied to the fur, and after a few minutes it is removed with a brush.

Rules for the care of fur clothing

  • Use a spacious closet for storage so that the item is not crushed by other items of clothing.
  • Avoid hairspray, cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Before seasonal storage, dry your fur under the sun's rays, and put a moth remedy in the package.
  • Soaked fur should be shaken and dried in a ventilated room, without heating appliances.
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Helpful Tips

  1. You can not dry the fur product on the hook in a room with high humidity. It should hang on hangers, in a ventilated room, at a safe distance from electrical appliances.
  2. Do not dry the fur with a hair dryer; this can damage fragile lint.
  3. Do not clean the product frequently, without special need.
  4. It is not necessary to wet the muton copiously during the removal of dirt.

After reviewing the material, you will learn how to remove stains without harm to fur clothing, and keep the original look of the mouton fur coat for many years.

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