How to learn to get enough sleep at night

Schedule.First you need to clearly define what time you will wake up during the week and how much you will go to bed. Regularity is important for productive sleep. It should be remembered that the most optimal time for sleep is 8 hours, but each person has different characteristics of the body, someone needs to sleep a little more, others less. Your task is to determine how many hours of sleep you need in order to get enough sleep. Once you have set a sleep schedule, do not stop following it. Over time, your body will get used to such a schedule, and in the morning, waking up, you will no longer feel tired. At the weekend, by the way, it is also recommended to follow the daily schedule. Only in emergency cases should it be abandoned.

Do something calm before bed.Read the book directly in bed or play your favorite game on the phone, but rather listen to relaxing music. At bedtime, you can also take a hot bath that will relax your body.You can add any calm aromas to it, but by no means invigorating.

Make the bed comfortable.Bed good bedding, buy a comfortable pillow and pajamas. Take your favorite toy if you feel comfortable sleeping with it. The main thing to remember that your bed - the key to a healthy sleep. The better it is decorated, the healthier and more productive your sleep.

During the day, lead the right lifestyle.Do not consume excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol. Quit smoking, if possible, because smoking is another negative factor in sleep disturbance. Get enough light during the day and walk more in the fresh air. Eat only natural products and avoid fast food in every possible way.

Do not eat much for dinner.Evening food intake should be balanced, but not very large and high-calorie. Going to bed, you should not be too full or hungry, you need to know when to stop. Heavy food is slowly digested by the stomach. This will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Avoid stressful situations and burnout.If someone offended you or upset you during the day, you should not rewind the negative situation for days on end.It is better to do yoga or carefully handle the problem, deal with it. Never think about bad bedtime, as it may turn insomnia or bad sleep.

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