How to maintain a human-friendly indoor microclimate?

The quality of life of a modern person is largely dependent on the state of the air. Developed industry, dense urban development and a scanty amount of vegetation do not allow air to be cleared to safe levels. So, in the urban air contains a critical amount of impurities, suspended particles and harmful gases.

If we consider that a person spends most of his life in a room where access to air is sharply limited, is it any wonder that there is a large percentage of illnesses? Clean air does not allow the development of pathogenic microorganisms, stuffy rooms with stagnant air, on the contrary, contribute to the development of fungal infections and all kinds of respiratory diseases, threatening complications and relapses. Of course, taking care of the health of our loved ones, we are trying to create air circulation by airing the rooms, but this effect is rather short.In addition, airing is quite burdensome, and sometimes unsafe. Large amounts of dust and other allergens enter open windows, which can adversely affect both adults and children. During the summer period, the airing will dry the air and carry absolutely no coolness and comfort. Of course, conventional air conditioners are able to lower the temperature to a comfortable one, but the effect is achieved by changing the humidity index. Thus, it is practically impossible to achieve a safe temperature-humidity ratio using conventional methods. In addition, the problem of clean fresh air remains unresolved. Air-conditioning systems with forced ventilation are designed to solve the problem of maintaining a healthy microclimate in humans. Air handling unit Tion O2 controls the humidity and temperature, additionally cleans, disinfects, and in cold weather - warms the air entering the room. This feature will help to avoid sudden changes in temperature and save on energy.Brizer Tion O2does not take up much space, promotes continuous air circulation, creates a favorable microclimate in the room.

Due to the fact that earlier when designing homes did not pay enough attention to ventilation systems, the only solution is to install autonomous air conditioning systems. It is worth noting that such systems do not require capital investments, their installation is quite simple. Maintenance consists of cleaning and periodically replacing filters, usually once a year. But the benefits of such systems is colossal. From now on, the air in your home will always be clean and rich in oxygen. You do not have to worry about the dust and the possible ingress of bacteria - the air handling unit will take care of the health of the household, as well as your comfort and convenience.

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