How to make a bracelet from the base of the tape

You will need
  • - based on scotch
  • - wide braid
  • -felt
  • -wavy braid
  • -glue
Try on the base of the tape on the wrist. If the size is too large, then cut off the excess and glue it with tape. If the form after that has become not quite round, then we straighten it with our hands.
We take the tape a little wider than the base of the tape and cut off the length a little longer than the circumference of the base. Cut the same size of felt. Glue the cut band on the outer side of the base, and the piece of felt - on the inside.
Sew tape and felt with decorative stitching, for example, "over the edge". You can also insert a wavy band between them. Done!

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:40 / Views: 42152

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