How to make a greeting?

People more and more often not only communicate, work, but also congratulate each other through the Internet. But sometimes you want not just to write a text message or send a letter, but to make a beautiful greeting. Information on how to do it, is set out in our article.

There are many ways to visualize and design your greeting. Congratulations can be performed in the form of electronic images, you can also make a film of congratulations from the photos.

Congratulations from photos

A congratulatory film from photographs can be made through computer programs, for example, Windows Movie Maker, or you can use online resources, for example,

Windows movie maker

The program is installed with standard Windows programs, therefore, it is not necessary to download it additionally. With Windows Movie Maker, you can take original video files from still images. To create congratulations you need to go through some stages:

  1. Run the program.
  2. Using "Import", select and upload photos selected for work.
  3. Move the photo to the lower work area.
  4. Apply effects to each individual image using the Effects tab.
  5. Set the time on the timeline that the snapshot will be on screen in the greeting.
  6. Add music (music must be in mp3 format). Import it through “Import Sound or Music” (“audio”). Then move the music file to the timeline. And the “Disappearing” effect will make it possible not to interrupt the track at the end of the film.
  7. Add captions. To do this, use the tab "Title and captions." Here you can write a greeting text, selecting the desired format. To do this, you can use the tab "additional features", in which you can change the color of the letters, their size and even animation.
  8. Save the greeting using the File tab - Publish Movie.

Fotofilmi website

  1. The first step is to register on the site.
  2. Then upload the necessary photos and select the settings that are responsible for the slide show.
  3. Then you can add congratulatory inscriptions to the photographs.
  4. The next stage - download music.
  5. After the main stages are completed, you should click "Generate a photo film". A musical greeting from the photos will be ready.

Among the benefits of the service are:

  • the ability to view a slide show on the site;
  • the ability to regulate access to the file;
  • the ability to download videos.

Thus, you can make an original photo greeting.

Sites to create greeting cards

Online greeting can be done using various resources:

These online services allow you to create greeting cards on various topics and send them to the recipient. In addition, sites allow you to edit existing options by adding:

  • background color;
  • background image;
  • postcard text;
  • text color and circulation.

You can also add music and send greetings to a specific date.

If you are registered in the mail system, then you can easily send additional greetings to your loved one. To do this, select the appropriate card, add a greeting and send to the addressee.

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