How to make a jeans pocket for cosmetics

You will need
  • - jeans pocket;
  • - dense linen fabric;
  • - a thin wooden stick;
  • - rope;
  • - silicone suction cup;
  • - glue gun.
Carefully cut out a flap with a pocket from old jeans. Then bend the edges of the pattern, iron them, then glue it with a glue gun. The glue gun in this case is the most suitable option, since the sewing machine will not be able to sew such a layer of fabric.
A large flap should be cut out of thick linen fabric. Then you need to tuck its edges: first side, then the bottom and only then the top edge. It must be bent in the opposite direction to form something like a tunnel. After bending, iron the obtained cuffs. Next, they need to glue with a glue gun.
The resulting blanks must be glued together so that the denim pocket is on top of the flax shred. Thus, a small frame around the denim pocket was obtained.At this stage of the work, you can decorate the product with a flat toy.
In the tunnel formed after gluing the cuffs, you need to push a wooden stick.
Cut a piece of the desired length from the rope, then tie it to a wooden stick on both sides with knots. Then in the middle of the rope it is necessary to fix the silicone sucker-suspension. Denim Makeup Pocket Ready!

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