How to make a paper rocket - 3 ways

In this master class I will show several options - how to make a rocket out of paper with your own hands with step by step photos. The hero of a well-known Soviet comedy asks the audience the question: "Is there life on Mars?" And he himself answers: "This science is not known." Since the beginning of space exploration a little over 50 years have passed, but science has long answered this question negatively. And as for distant galaxies, in which even electronic telescopes can not even look, this question remains unanswered.

Children first knowledge of the cosmos, as a rule, receive from children's encyclopedias. After your child has a general idea of ​​astronomy, you can go on to learn practical skills in a game form. To do this, you have to together with your son or daughter to make a toy rocket from paper and run it into the air. The process of creating such paper crafts is shown in this master class.Other handmade items for Cosmonautics Day are here.

Paper rocket

Paper rocket with your own hands

1 option

We'll prepare the missile

    • square sheet of colored paper;
    • glue stick.

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For our rocket, we used a square of purple paper. Fold it diagonally.

After that, you need to bend the billet of a future rocket along a different diagonal line.

The completed folds allow us to fold our lilac square into a double triangle.

The resulting blank from the top should look like this.

Put it back on the table and continue the work on creating the rocket. To do this, bend the right side of the upper layer to the middle line.

On the left side you need to perform a symmetric fold. So we begin to shape the shape of a future rocket.

Let's turn our craft on the other side and perform the same actions (bend the sides to the middle line).

We continue to work on creating our paper rocket. To do this, the resulting triangles need to bend the sides to the middle as follows. First we do it on the right side.

Then we repeat similar bends on the left side of the blank of the future rocket.

Let's turn the paperwork over to the other side and perform similar folds.

Folds just made should be fixed with glue. We do it on both sides of our crafts.

Getting to the design of the bottom of the rocket. For this protruding lower corners are required to bend as follows.

A similar fold is repeated on the left side.

Turning the rocket billet on the other side, repeat the folds of the lower corners.

Now it remains to straighten out our craft, giving it volume. You can do this with your fingers from the inside. Our paper rocket is ready.

In order to launch it into the air, we need a cocktail tube. Carefully introduce it under the lower part of the rocket and blow it. This will lift the rocket up some distance, the height of the climb will depend on the force of the exhalation and the weight of the craft itself.

2 variant of how to make an origami rocket step by step

April 12 is celebrated around the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics. For this holiday, together with the children, you can make crafts in the form of a rocket using the origami technique. Making it is very simple and interesting.

How to make an origami rocket step by step

To make an origami rocket, you need:

      • a sheet of blue colored paper;
      • scissors;
      • markers.

Colored paper must be the same color on both sides. Therefore, if there is no double-sided paper, you can simply glue 2 sheets of the same color with white sides to each other. It is not necessary to use blue paper, you can take a sheet of any color.

First we need to cut an even square. Therefore, bending a sheet of paper diagonally. Too obvious fold should not be done, we will not need this line later. It is only needed to form an even square.

Cut off the excess with scissors. Expand the square. Straighten the fold.

And now you need to fold the square in half. We hold a finger, forming a clear fold. Expand. Now you need to take the right half and bend it to the central fold, which we have just done. That is, split half the square in half.

Now we do the same with the other side. We bend to the center.

We smoothly iron the wrinkles. And now again, deploy the workpiece. We got 4 equal parts. Take the upper right corner and bend to the central fold.

And the upper left corner too. Here it is important to bend exactly, as this will be the top of the rocket.

Now we will raise the right side and bend it to the very first crease on the left. We iron the fold.

And we fold it again, but only along the center line of the fold and back.

Now you need to do the same with the left side. Fold it to the right.

And bend its part back along the fold line. So we made wings.

We turn over the parts and make vertical cuts from below about 1 cm in length. We make them on both sides. We cut along the upper main part of the rocket.

Flip the part back. Fold small triangles up. Thanks to them, the rocket can stand on its own.

On both sides:

Turn the rocket. She's ready! Next we need markers to draw the details of the rocket. But this is not necessary, you can leave it as it is.

Take a black marker or marker and draw 3 identical circles one above the other on the rocket. These will be the portholes. And on the wings of a rocket, we simply make 3 notches from below.

This is how it is very easy and fast to make an origami rocket out of paper.

Another version of such a rocket, see here.

3 version of space paper crafts

It is generally accepted that girls are the most favorite of tinkering. But how to attract boys to create a variety of crafts? And the technical subjects, for example, devoted to space will help to captivate them. Ask your son to make a paper rocket. The process of creating such space crafts is shown in our master class.

For making a rocket, a square sheet of paper is enough for us.

Fold the workpiece of the future rocket diagonally.

Then we fold the triangle in half again.

Now this blank needs to be given the appearance of a double square. To do this, we extend one corner, after which we give it a square shape.

We do the same with another corner. So we got a double square. We have it open down in sections.

To create a rocket, let's start making bends. First we perform them from the top side on the sides.

Turning the workpiece of the future rocket, you need to do the same.

Now on the place of the bends we need to perform internal folds. To do this, first straighten the curved triangle, and then form an internal fold from it.

So it is necessary to do with the remaining three bent triangles.

After that, to form a rocket, we will make folds at the bottom of the workpiece. To do this, the sides of the lower edge bend to the middle.

Then you need to bend the sides so that they are parallel to the central vertical line of our crafts.

We repeat similar actions from the remaining three sides of our procurement.

Slightly turn over the layers of the future rocket so that it acquires the following form.

Now let's design the bottom of the rocket. For this, one of the corners is bent to the side.

This is what you need to do with the other three lower corners.

After that, they also need to bend down. All this is done with the formation of the inner fold.

This is how our hand-made article looks at this stage.

It remains only to straighten its main part.

Our paper rocket is ready.

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