How to make a shed on the balcony

Despite the fact that as the main function that the canopy performs, there will be protection from precipitation, its responsibilities are much wider. And it depends on what it will be designed for which the material from which the canopy will be made. This is usually wood, plastic, concrete or metal. However, sometimes brick, tile, slate or glass can be chosen as the main one. The type of coating is chosen from where and how it is planned to use the canopy. The canopy for the balcony is used either in urban homes or in summer cottages, which means that it should be beautiful, functional and inexpensive.
If you are going to build a canopy, in addition to the cover, you will also need beams with fixtures. They are usually made of wood or metal. It all depends on the climatic conditions where you are going to use your shed. For example, if you live in a city where it is constantly damp and overcast, your choice should be only on the metal construction.She calmly stand and temperature drops, and will be unpretentious in the care. In case you want to choose a wooden floor, remember that you only need to choose good and high-quality wood. However, their service life is 7-15 years, then they need to be replaced with new ones.
The optimal version of the support is a prefabricated structure, it is quite simple to install. In addition, it is ideal for different types of sheds. For example, it can be both straight and oblique. For balconies, as a rule, it is used inclined. Firstly, water flows more easily through them, and does not stagnate on the visor, and secondly, they fit the design of the whole house better.
Installing a canopy is quite easy. To begin to mark in length and width the entire area of ​​the ceiling where you are going to place a carport. Then begin to mount the structure. Using the dowels, screw the base for your shed first. Check the level regularly - it is important that the whole structure does not move out. Otherwise, the canopy will not perform its functions.
Once secure the base, begin to cover it with base material. Screw the sheets to the special bolt holes in the base.They need to be placed so that no joints are formed, otherwise the water will flow through the cracks, and there will be no benefit from a canopy. After mounting the base material, treat the seams with a special silicone sealant. Your canopy is ready. Plus it is that the balcony under it can not glaze, because he will be well protected anyway.

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