How to make an electromagnet?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
January 17, 2013
How to make an electromagnet?

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How to make an electromagnet?

Electromagnet is a fairly simple device that can be used both for entertainment and for building all kinds of electrical circuits. In this article we will talk about how to make an electromagnet with your own hands at home. For this we do not need any special knowledge of physics or complex constituent elements.

What we need

In order to create an electric magnet, we will need: an iron nail, a coil of copper wire, a power supply or battery, a switch, a scissors, and a soldering iron. Immediately, we note that you should not take too thick wire, it is better to choose products with an average diameter. As for the size of the nail, there is no fundamental difference, it all depends on your ultimate goals. Moreover, if you do not have a nail, you can find something similar. For example, some metal rod. We also draw your attention to the fact that the main thing in a rod or nail is its shape. Curved products do not suit us.

How to make a powerful electromagnet: instructions

At the first stage it is necessary to take our nail and gently wind a wire on it. It is important that each turn fits snugly and evenly. We make about 3-4 layers of wire. Be as careful as possible, because if you break the wire, you have to start all over again. In the next step, you need to bring the two ends of the wound wire and connect them to the battery. Optionally, you can add a circuit breaker to the circuit, this will simplify working with the magnet. Next, carefully solder everything. Now your electromagnet is ready!

Principle of operation

Electric magnet works on a very simple principle. When a current is applied to the coil, it becomes magnetized and begins to “magnetise” the metallic elements. The power of the product you made is directly proportional to the number of turns and layers of copper. Thus, the more copper you wrap, the more powerful your magnet will be. If during the manufacture you have any difficulties - see how to make an electromagnet on the video on the Internet.

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