How to make mehendi on the nails?

Indian culture has long attracted our women with its beauty, sophistication and wealth. Beautiful light saris, original ornaments and, of course, painting on the body mehendi.

Not long ago, the masters of the nail industry decided to “borrow” the idea of ​​henna painting and transfer it to their nails. This is not only an original decoration, but also an excellent alternative test for those who have not yet decided to make a picture on the body.

Most beautifully, it is combined with clothing in the style of boho-chic, which is a mix of ethnic motifs, hippies and gigantic accents, gothic and grunge style.

Do it yourself

In fact, making an Indian painting with your own hands is not so easy. To do this, you must have at least a "full" hand or artistic makings. But, fortunately all the girls, there are special stencils with which it will go much faster and easier. You just need to attach them to the nails, pre-painted base color, and put the desired color pattern.

Another way to create a painting is a point technique, as shown in the photo, but for this you need to stock up on a thin brush, patience and enough time.

Best of all on the nails look traditional combinations of black and beige shades, but in the summer you can afford to experiment with any bright colors.

If you want to learn the art of creating mehendi in the nail sphere at a more professional level, then you can attend various master classes where you will be taught how to do it correctly and what is required for that.

Do not forget that the hands are the visiting card of every woman. Watch them, take care and do not forget to do a manicure.

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