How to make simple and enchanted tables in the game "Minecraft"

Minecraft does not offer clear recommendations on how to make the table, so you can use fantasy in this procedure. You will need to work the fence, stove and torch.

How to make a simple table in Minecraft

You will need a fence and a push or stone slab. For the simplest table, place the fence, and put a plate on top. You can also place a fence around the entire perimeter of the square, and then lay out exactly the same number of slabs on top. As a result, you get a simple, but improved table.

If you want to get the original table, then use a lever, a torch or a piston. To begin with, create one of the table options you like, then put a piston in it, place a lever and a torch nearby, with which you will activate your table.

When creating a table, you can also use a game resource such as steps. Place them closer to the side of the table and press the bottom part 2 times, after that the steps should roll over, then connect the 2 steps and the simple table will be ready.

How to make an enchanted table in Minecraft

In order to endow simple objects with extraordinary properties, you will need an enchanted table. It looks very beautiful, sparkles and shimmers.

Enchanted table is a black stone, covered with diamonds, on which the magic book is located, the pages that turn over themselves and open magic recipes.

To create you need: obsidian (4 units), a book (1 unit), diamonds (2 units). These resources can be obtained as follows: the book is created from paper and cow hides, and it can also be found in the chest. Diamonds in the game are quite rare. In order to find them, you have to work hard: look for them at a depth in the mines with a pickaxe. Obsidian can only be obtained with a pickaxe made from diamonds, but remember that if you cannot get these items, you can use artificially grown stones, which are made by the interaction of lava and water.After you become the owner of all the listed resources, arrange them as follows.

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