How to make the living room?

The living room is both a seating area and a guest room. That is why it is necessary to arrange the living room, taking into account the harmonious combination of these functions in one area. Consider how to arrange the living room.

Deciding on a style

First, you should think about one of the two design options - the living room can be divided into two zones, or vice versa. To do this, you can use the capabilities of internal structures, or select the zone by changing the floor level. You can put a dining table, a music center, a bar on the peculiar podium obtained in this way and brightly illuminate them. As for the other zone, there should be placed in the dim light of a comfortable sofa and TV, bookshelves, coffee table. Ideal - when the living room is a crossroads, a single space around which the rest of the rooms in the house are connected. For the decoration of the living room should use an open layout with a variety of architectural structures: columns, stairs, niches, arches, portals, as well as decorative partitions. They will be able to give the room a zest.Wondering how to arrange the ceiling in the living room, do not forget about such material as drywall. With it, you can make a ceiling consisting of several levels and create an individual backlight on each of them.

We select colors

It is also worth well thinking about how to decorate the walls in the living room. Undoubtedly, they should be combined in style and color with furniture. Color solutions for the living room should be determined based on their preferences and tastes. Here you can use a variety of muted, calm colors, and bright, contrasting color combinations. If you are not sure of your design abilities, then you should choose a color, and then, guided by the color tables, choose the most harmonious combinations. It is worth noting that the furniture of dark stained wood looks especially stylish against the white walls, and the light red tones are perfectly combined with the blue.

Choosing furniture

Furniture in the living room must be comfortable and relaxing. If you love country style, do not forget to get a wicker rocking chair. In the case when more "like" a classic style is to prefer furniture made of heavy solid wood.Well, connoisseurs of modern times need to buy furniture, in the decoration of which a lot of glass and steel is used.

How to arrange a window in the living room

Choosing the fabric for window decoration in the living room, you need to focus on the style and color scheme of the room. The curtains chosen by you can, how to have drawing, and to be without it. However, it is worth noting that choosing a monochrome fabric is much easier. Indeed, in this case, it is enough to choose the material of exactly that shade that will harmonize well with the color solution of the living room. Looks great when the furniture and curtains are made of the same fabric. This is one of the features of the popular English style, which also certainly includes lamps on the wall between two symmetrical windows, as well as a cozy soft armchair with floral motifs, standing near one of the windows. If your living room is furnished in classic style, then you should choose curtains with drapery. Two-level curtains will also look appropriate. One of which is made of light airy fabric, and the other is made of dense heavy material.

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