How to make a Flip Book

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Flipbook (from the English. Flip - turn over, book - book) - literally "book for browsing." A small book with pictures, when flipping through which creates the illusion of movement. First patented inUSA on May 16, 1882 by Henry Van Gauvenbergfrom New Jersey. Flipbooks were popular entertainment until the 70s of the 20th century, but the fashion for them subsided when new interactive multimedia began to gain strength.

Today we will make our own flipbook, which is not a shame to bring as a gift to a loved one.

  1. Take a picture of the action.I recommend using a tripod to ensure stability and ensure that your shots are consistent. Set the camera in "burst mode". This can take a couple of takes, so do not get discouraged.
  2. Print slides.If you have 30-50 individual photos, print one a copy of each. If you have 15-25 individual photos, print two copies of each one.Cut out photos with a paper cutter or scissors.
  3. Arrange the photos in the desired order.Arrange the photos in order and secure with a binder.

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