How to pay fines for win through Sberbank Online

What does UI mean

The award to payment documents of a unique charge identifier was introduced in 2014 by order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. This innovation allowed to correctly determine budget revenues and simplify the accrual system. Previously, when making electronic money transfers to Russian budget organizations, it was necessary to fill in many requisite fields, but now it is enough to specify the PIN number for the payment to take place.

The unique identifier consists of ten numbers, combinations of which allow banks to read information about the payment made. The first three digits of the number indicate the manager code (for example, it’s 182 for traffic police), the fourth indicates the organization accepting the payment, and the rest ciphers the information about the purpose of the transfer and its other characteristics.

Not all documents have a serial number, denoted as UIN.In particular, when imposing a fine for violating traffic rules, a citizen receives a protocol indicating the amount and details for payment. At the top of the document is the number of the relevant protocol, which in this case is the unique identifier of the charge.

Payment of traffic police fines through the UIN

You can pay the debt to the car inspection through the Sberbank Online website. Go to and log in to your personal account. The service can only be used by Sberbank's customers, so you need to issue a payment card or account in any branch of the organization, with which you will be provided with a login and password to access your personal account.

If the service has not been connected before, you should follow the registration link and follow the further recommendations of the site. To complete the procedure, you will need the numbers of a bank card and a mobile phone attached to it. Once in your personal account, go to the “Transfers and Payments” section of the menu. Scroll down the page and select the item “traffic police” among the list of services, then click on the penalties link.

In the field for selecting the service, specify the "Payment on receipt" parameter. Next, select the bank card from which the funds will be debited. In the field "Document Number" enter the number of the decision issued by the traffic police, or the UIN, depending on how the identifier is indicated on the notification. Click "Continue." Fill in the payment amount and confirm the transfer by entering a verification code that will be sent as an SMS. If the payment is successful, a receipt will be displayed on the screen, which you can optionally print.

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