How to like his friends and girlfriends?

Do not try to analyze and judge his social circle.

The worst reflection to which you can come is to start noticing the bad habits of his friends and on the basis of this to conclude that your partner, too, will certainly do something similar, but only in secret from you, or will soon become addicted. Look at your girlfriends - they, too, are all different and each has something that attracts you, but none of them is perfect, and therefore you should not demand this from his friends.

Do not overdo it with the tenderness in front of your friends

“Bunny”, “my baby”, “my sweet little bear” mixed with every minute kisses and hugs - such a melodrama with elements of light erotica that unfolds right before your eyes at the time of a friendly meeting can ruffle anyone. Leave some kisses and toy nicknames for the house, and in the presence of his friends try to behave more reservedly and friendlier. Everyone already knows that you are with him, so it is not necessary to confirm this every minute.

How to like his friends and girlfriends?

Ask his friend or girlfriend to help with the choice of a gift.

There is no better reason to organize an informal meeting, and besides, best friends really know how to choose good gifts. Use this moment not only to tell about yourself, but also to listen to the interlocutor - it will be useful to implement one of the tips below.

Do not ignore his girlfriends

This is not only impolite, but also dangerous, because in practice women's hatred is much more insidious than male. If they are also invited to a meeting, do not ignore them as an empty place or as "someone else's companions", but, on the contrary, come and speak to them first. By the way, there are many stories about how the girls found their best girlfriends through the environment of their partners, and then the friendship continued even after the relationship with the guy came to an end ...

How to like his friends and girlfriends?

Introduce his friend or girlfriend to someone who interests him.

Listen carefully that his friends and girlfriends talk about their work and hobbies, and try to think how you could accidentally help them. For example, suddenly one of them is looking for a job in the specialty, and you just have acquaintances, or someone needs a lawyer or a massage therapist, and you have trusted contacts.

Make generous gestures

This works great for the first acquaintance: you notice what people like and try to please them in the little things. For example, you know that he plans a bachelor party at home - let him enjoy the company of friends, and instead of calling him every half hour, order two pizzas for the house so that the guys don't go hungry. Do you know that one of his friends has problems at work? Treat the poor guy with an extra glass at a party, and be willing to listen, and convince him that he can in a difficult situation rely on the support of your partner and you.

How to like his friends and girlfriends?

Offer your help

This advice is derived from the previous one with the difference that if you cannot help a person with contacts, you can always give him advice or offer moral support. This tactic works smoothly with the best friends of your partner who work in a narrow male team: you can recommend yourself not only as a “problem listener”, but also as an “informer” on work issues through your man. In the women's circle, this works without fail.

Take the initiative and invite his friends somewhere

Behave with them as if they were your friends. If you are arranging a holiday or planning to leave the city with tents for the May holidays, do not shift the responsibility to call your friends to him, and write them yourself invitations through social networks with a story about what you want to organize, when and where.

How to like his friends and girlfriends?

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