How to privatize

You will need
  • - passports;
  • - a statement to the department;
  • - extracts from cadastral documents;
  • - certificate of non-participation in privatization;
  • - extract from the house book;
  • - extract from the personal account;
  • - Department Decision;
  • - application to FUHRC;
  • - receipt for payment of duty.
All persons registered in municipal housing may participate in the privatization. To do this, you must contact the Department of housing policy with a statement. If someone does not have the opportunity to personally deal with the paperwork, but wants to participate in the privatization, he can issue a notarized power of attorney to another person to carry out all actions for him. In case of unwillingness to participate in the privatization of municipal housing, it is necessary to issue a notarial waiver.
Contact the BTI with a statement and get an extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral housing plan. If you have never drawn up cadastral documents, make a request to call an engineer to inspect your property, after which you will be given the necessary statements.
Get an extract from the house book and personal account.To do this, you need to contact the passport office at the location of the apartment being privatized.
Privatization of municipal property began on September 1, 1991. If you have already participated in it before applying for free privatization, then you can only privatize social housing. The cost of social housing is determined from the cadastral valuation. Get help in BTI about the cadastral value of housing.
If you did not participate in free privatization, but in the periods between its commencement and contacting the department you lived in another place, get certificates from the administration that you did not privatize municipal housing free of charge at a different address. In this case, you are entitled to freeprivatization.
With the received package of documents contact the Department of housing policy. Show originals and photocopies of all references and extracts. You will be given a resolution on the transfer of municipal housing in the property.
Contact FUHRC. Fill out the application, present the passports of all participants in the privatization, and the entire package of documents received. After 30 days, you will become the owner of municipal housing and get your hands on a privatization agreement and a certificate of ownership of the established sample.

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