How to properly manage your family's budget?

Financial problems can become a serious problem and a threat to family coziness, many couples are shy and consider talking about money to be unworthy, but in fact, these are blunders that are often enough made by young families.

Even the warmest, strong and passionate relations, over time, can collapse under the burden of lack of money, even if both spouses work and earn good money, they do not always have enough money to make it through to the end of the month, although in the beginning it seemed that there should be enough money for all.

Do not waste too much

The hole in the wallet periodically makes occupy, interrupted by cheap products and limit yourself to the usual pleasures, and this is unlikely for a long time someone will like it. Especially in order not to face financial difficulties and learn how to properly manage your own, let it not be the biggest earnings, there are special schemes for managing the family budget.

Moscow was not built in a day,so your skill is advisable to distribute the hard-earned bills, over time, will acquire experience and practice, you do not even have to think much about how to make this month enough for everything you need, and it also remains to put in the piggy bank for a trip to Turkey

Of course, the first time will have to work a little, the most correct option is to allocate time for the family council, where you will sit together with your spouse and discuss your financial needs.

We start with small

In fact, there are many methods and schemes that reveal the secrets of how to properly manage a family budget, some of them are very complicated and are based on decent formulas. Despite such difficulties, they really allow for a good saving, and also for reducing expenditure items, however, not everyone will want to delve into their intricate subtleties.

We will offer you the most common and effective budget planning schemes that have common features, over time, they can easily be adapted to your own financial situation. So, in order not to shake out the last coins from the common wallet in search of at least some banknote a week before the payday, you need to have a special notebook in which the following points will be marked.

Planning a family budget right.

  • It may sound strange and funny for many families, but it’s necessary to sit down before the distribution of finances for the next month in advance, preferably just a month in advance. It is necessary to calculate all of their real incomes, which may include: an advance payment, the full wages of all family members, bonuses, debt repayment, part-time work, and so on. Each income is signed in a column, as a result, the total amount of real cash is accumulated, which you will have in your hands in the next month.
  • The next column in your notebook will be an item of expenditure. It is desirable to distribute them into two main types: mandatory and non-obligatory payments. The first type will include those that cannot be discarded this month, for example, utility bills, basic foodstuffs, a business group, mandatory clothing, kindergarten or school payments, payment of loans, and so on. Optional items include spending on entertainment, alcohol and cigarettes, fashionable clothes, going to a club or theater, sweets and so on. As a result, the total amount is written out, which shows how much you plan to spend this month.
  • In the most ideal and simple way, it remains to deduct expenses from income and, if the result is a balance or at least zero, then everything is in order. If the result is negative, you will have to look for in the column of non-obligatory expenses that you can reduce or refuse from this month. When, as a result of such calculations, a pleasant cash balance remains, there is always a desire to put it into something useful, but it disappears quickly enough, often to nowhere. Especially for this, create a family reserve fund, in which the existing extra amount of money will be constantly postponed, it is better that this fund is located somewhere in the bank, from where it will not be so easy to get it, for example, on a rechargeable deposit.

The main mistake in maintaining a common family budget is in the habit of keeping all cash in one common place, from which both spouses can freely borrow money for their own and common needs.

With such a system, there is no person who would be responsible for certain items of your planned budget, so it turns out that both seem to be trying to save, and sometimes it is so difficult to restrain yourself from wasting money, when there are still a lot of bills in the general home bank. As a result, there is no money, and the main accounts are not paid.To prevent such incidents from happening, you can trust the “grandmother's” method, which has been tested and effective.

It consists in the following: for the coming month, all cash must be distributed into separate envelopes, each of which is signed - “payment of utilities”, “money for a child”, “stash”, “products and household chemicals” and so on.

Special accountant skills do not need

Thus, you have formed a kind of family system, thanks to which both spouses can know for sure and imagine where the fixed assets go, moreover, it is easy to trace which of the envelopes left “extra” money at the end of the month, and that means expenses Under this article, you can reduce or transfer them to another "envelope".

This may be a slightly primitive, but very reasonable way that instills the responsibility and the basics of financial literacy in each of the spouses.

If you don’t like to manually create tables each time and make the necessary financial calculations, you can use special programs that will help you manage your family budget and show you how and where you can save money.

For example, the list of such software includes: MS Excel spreadsheets, Personal Finances, Home Accounting, Home Economics, Family Wallet, and so on.All programs are fairly simple and easy to use, just pick the option that you prefer.

Basic models of managing the family budget

When a young family is just starting a joint life, they rarely seriously think about financial obligations, it seems that paying all the necessary bills and conducting a joint farm is not so difficult, but it is only at first glance.

It is necessary to agree on everything and come to a common coefficient, it turns out that, depending on the mode of distribution of financial resources, specialists in this sphere allocate several basic types of the family budget.

  • Joint budget. The most common and simple model - all incomes are summed up, and then the family members decide together where to spend the hard earned bills.
  • Independent budget. Usually, the pairs of both spouses work together and their earnings are approximately equal amounts. For general needs, for example, rent or payment of loans, they "fold", and the remaining money is spent at its own discretion.
  • Solidarity model.It usually takes shape for those couples where one spouse earns much more than the other. All the money earned adds up to a common "piggy bank", but the system is such that the one who earns more should put more into this piggy bank. The advantage of a spouse who earns more is that without his consent serious, and sometimes even the smallest, purchases from the family budget are not accomplished.
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