How to protect the garden from birds?

A garden or country plot is an excellent opportunity to grow organic products. But when garden trees are covered with beautiful and tasty fruits, and vegetables and berries are sprouting on the beds, malicious pests appear, wishing to enjoy the results of your work. First of all, these are birds.

Some of them, however, can also help to save your crop from small pests - rodents, caterpillars and various insects, but mostly birds are the main “enemies” of everything that grew on your site.

Feathered Thieves

Bird raids usually make swarms of sparrows and tits - noble lovers eat the berries. And starlings and crows choose cherry, sea buckthorn, sunflowers and many other bushes and trees. How to protect your site from these feathered gluttons?

  • The most modern way - an ultrasonic repeller. It imitates the sounds of predatory animals, and birds simply fear to approach your domain. But it is worth remembering that such a device has a negative effect on pets, so it is better to install it in such a way that the range of the ultrasound does not affect pets.
  • Old proven way to protect the crop - rustling objects. To do this, you can use unnecessary plastic bags that need to hang on fruit trees. Beer and tin cans are also suitable as a “noise maker”, which, when colliding with each other, will create a frightening sound.

Another option - turntables. You can make them out of plastic bottles. Spinning in the wind, and making a characteristic sound of cod, they will scare away sparrows and starlings, and will also become a pleasant decoration of the site.

  • Protect the garden from birds will also help shine. To do this, use the old CDs, foil and even New Year's rain.
  • They say that birds are afraid of large bright objects, so multi-colored kites, perhaps even in the form of birds of prey, can become helpers guarding your site.
  • A very effective means of protecting cherries and cherries is fishing nets. If the tree grows separately, the network is simply thrown overhead, if there are several trees, then it is necessary to dig in between the columns of the same height as the trees, and pull the wire through which it will be necessary to throw the net.

A simpler method is to wind the tree with threads.Small birds have a very developed feeling of fear of various snares, having caught one thread once, and having experienced difficulties with releasing, they are unlikely to return again.

  • Will help get rid of the birds and the garden effigy. It can be made in the form of a human or bird of prey dressed in bright clothes. The most effective are those who have banks in their hands and rustling objects are glued. But, unfortunately, birds quickly get used to such objects of creativity and cease to be afraid of them.
  • Some experienced gardeners claim that many birds do not like the smell of onions, so the owners of the estate hang cut heads on the branches of fruit trees.
  • Americans at one time figured out how to save the crop of strawberries with the help of ordinary pebbles. In the period when the berries were not ripe yet, they laid out small pebbles, painted red, near the bushes. Birds flew in, pecked hard stones and never returned.
  • What to do if even the “grandfather's” methods do not help? In this case, you should seek help from the modern chemical industry. On sale there are special gels that emit an unpleasant smell for the birds, daring them.

It is pleasant to enjoy the trills of birds in the forest, but here they are capable of irreparable harm at a crop in a country house or garden. Therefore, it is better to take care of the protection of trees and bushes in advance so that you get the tasty fruits, not the winged hooligans.

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