How to quarrel

Calm, only calm

There are men who are enraged by women who delight. While you scream, occasionally breaking out on a screech, swinging a rolling pin, and your bangs militantly bristling, the young man's eyes light up. He makes a deft lunge, deprives you of a rolling pin, and now you are thrashing fists into his wide chest, and he begins to thrust you into the bedroom. However, these men are few. The bulk of the representatives of the stronger sex makes the female screech and tears extremely bad. You want to quarrel correctly and successfully convey your idea - do it without hysterical sobs and throwing plates at the spouse.
In childhood, boys are forbidden to beat girls, but adults rarely pay attention when girls distribute cuffs to boys. During a quarrel, do not get carried away with assault: this is insulting for a man, and in some cases it hurts.

With sense, with the arrangement

Report your claims calmly and as intelligibly as possible. Perhaps the young man did not know how annoying you were his habit of not removing hair from a comb.And if he guessed, but for some reason she had a way for him, you would have to look for compromises together - whether to get each separate set of combs or change a guy's haircut.
Be straightforward and do not beat around the bush. If you do not like that while you are ill, the man does not cook you chicken broth, but goes on raids, say so, and do not confuse him with vague hints.

The game of "silent"

The game of "silent" - this is a fairly common strategy of behavior after a quarrel. The offended woman turns away and falls silent, deliberately doing her work. It is assumed that the repentant partner should bring the right words of apology, but in fact he may not even be aware of the cause of the conflict, but for timid attempts to clarify the situation or simply reconcile the lady buries her book even deeper. Offended silence can only be in those cases when you are sure that your lover is aware of what you are offended. And this should not be done for a long time, and then the man will get used to and even begin to enjoy the pleasure of silence.

Talk less, work more

If a reasonable argument does not help in a quarrel with a partner, it’s time to move on to actions (or inaction - it all depends on the specific situation).Coming home, the spouse carelessly throws clothes on the chair, although you have repeatedly asked him not to do it, ironed a crumpled suit and put it in the closet? Just leave things where the man put them. In the morning he will either try to bring the jacket into a normal look in a hurry, or put on another one, but if he does not learn to hang clothes in the closet, fresh suits will soon end, and he will have to either learn to order or iron his own things.

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