How to record your game?

Some "gamers" often record on video the passage of various computer games, to continue to put them in the network, boast to friends. In these videos, the player’s “victories”, features of his tactics, interesting and funny moments, etc. are shown. Despite the fact that there are a huge number of such videos on YouTube, not every user knows how to record his game.

Recording game

Naturally, the recording will require special programs that provide the ability to record everything that happens on the monitor. There are several such programs:

One of the most simple and effective programs for this is the screen camera utility. To use it to record the passage of your favorite games, you need to go through several stages.

Program installation

Download from the official site and install the utility. It will take you no more than five minutes to download this program, since the distribution kit weighs only 55 megabytes. When the download is complete, install the program on your personal computer and run it.The user will surely enjoy the intuitive interface and rich functionality of the On-Screen Camera application.


Start recording. To record games, in the main menu of the utility, select "Screen Recording". In the window that opens, select the desired capture area: recording a specific segment, window or full screen. To move a customized area, drag it by the icon, which shows 4 arrows. Additionally, you can adjust the video resolution, enable parallel recording from a microphone. When you are finished setting the settings, click the “Write” button.


Edit the entry. At the specified time, complete the shooting. After a few seconds, the player will open, which will provide an opportunity to view your record. If you plan to make certain changes to the resulting video, you can use the built-in editor. Save the project on your computer, and then open the Edit tab. This application allows you to trim video with simple markers, as well as add to it interesting effects, audio recordings, etc.


Save the finished video in the required format. For this purpose, an additional option "Creating video". At this stage, you need to decide on how you plan to view the received video.

For example, if you want to send the finished file to your friends or acquaintances by e-mail or simply view it on a personal computer, then select the item “Create On-Screen Video”.If you plan to burn a screencast (ie video from your own screen) onto a disc and watch it through an ordinary player, then it is recommended to select the option “Record video to DVD”. If you are going to share the video with all users of the World Wide Web and put it on public display (for example, on YouTube video hosting), you can do this in the “Publish to the Internet” section.

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