How to recover legal fees

It should be noted that the right to compensation for court costs arises in the case when a court decision is made in your direction. That is, when you are a claimant and the court satisfies the claim, and if the defendant, then the claim is denied. Costs are reimbursed by the losing party.
The claim for reimbursement of court costs, if you are a claimant, can be included in the statement of claim, as one of the clauses of appealing claims, and a claim for reimbursement of court costs can be filed at any court hearing.
To recover the expenses incurred, you need to prove them. To do this, it is necessary to keep contracts that are concluded with lawyers, specialists, translators, etc., checks, tickets for the bus, train, plane, mail receipts.
Court fees are generally charged by the court in favor of the winner from the losing side. If the claim is satisfied in part, the expenses are respectively charged in proportion to the size of the satisfied requirements.How much and from which side such expenses are collected is determined by the court when deciding on the case.
With the cost of witnesses, translators, experts, and the state duty issues, as a rule, does not arise. In the case are all payment documents, and when a decision is made, they are investigated by the court. The size of the state duty is established by the Tax Code and, as a rule, the state duty itself is paid before filing a claim. Disputes regarding its distribution and size does not arise.
To recover costs, you must have: -executive sheet; - copies of the court decision, duly certified by the court; - the statement of the claimant with indication of his bank account where the funds are transferred.
These documents are sent to the treasury department. It is necessary to pay attention, as certified copies of court documents. According to the requirements of the instructions on each page of the document must be stamped "Copy". Below the text on the last sheet is the “Copy is correct” stamp, and the full name of the court is indicated. All pages are stitched and sealed by the office of the court.
Court decisions are executed in the following order: - the treasury within five working days from the date of receipt of the documents of the recoverer informs the respondent about the writ of execution; - Within 10 working days, the defendant must submit a payment document to the treasury department confirming the repayment of the debt.

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