How to refill a one-time lighter

In this article I will tell you how you can extend the life of a lighter that doesn’t have a valve for gas filling. For this we need an empty disposable piezo lighter, a gas canister with a set of adapters, two matches and tweezers.
necessary tools and materials
We start by dismantling the lighter, remembering the location of the parts.
 we disassemble the lighter
Then use the tweezers or sharp knife to unscrew the adjusting screw of the flame by about 1-2 turns.
 unscrew the adjusting screw
unscrew the adjusting screw
Take the matches and knife them a little bit with their knives.
 sharpen their tips a little
Put the bracket in place and slip the matches under it.
 we put matches under her
By doing this, we raise the gas valve. Choose an adapter that fits tightly on the tip of the valve and remove the lighter with matches for 10-15 minutes in the fridge freezer. By freezing the lighter, we will achieve a better flow of gas during refueling. We take the lighter out of the refrigerator and immediately proceed to refueling.
 fill the lighter

Attention! Refueling away from sources of open fire. With one hand we put a gas balloon on the valve and push it in. We withstand 10-20 seconds and, without releasing the balloon, with the other hand pull out the matches. Next, remove the cartridge and proceed to the assembly of the lighter. Turn the adjusting screw almost to the stop. We put all the parts in place and check the height of the flame.
 How to fill a disposable lighter
This method of filling a lighter can withstand about 6-8 times.Then the valve wears out and starts to "etch" the gas. This way you can fill and silicon lighters. But if you have to remove the flint and the wheel, then after refueling it is difficult to put them in place.

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