How to remove the old paint?

In each house or apartment you can easily find painted interior elements. But what to do if they lost their former appearance and look depressing? Of course, paint them again. Only in order for the new paint to lay down well and not crumble, the surface must first be cleaned. Here is the question of how to remove the old paint from the walls, doors or floor?

For this you can use both modern means and mechanical methods of action. The paint dissolving liquid is not cheap, but it performs the task very effectively. To remove the old paint from the walls with a spatula, on the contrary, will cost a penny, but you have to spend a lot of your own time and effort. In any case, only you will decide which way to choose. Let's consider several options with which you can remove old paint from wood, floor or any other surfaces. We will need:

  • Paint remover.
  • Putty knife.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Sanding machine or sandpaper.
  • Kerosene mineral.
  • Building dryer (thermogun).
  • Bleach.
  • Iron brush.
  • Topcoat.


Liquid means easily corrodes the paint, and you can easily wash it with mineral kerosene or ordinary warm water. You can find it in any hardware store. Just ask the seller, and he will easily pick up the substance you need. Such agents are gelatinous, water soluble or liquid. Water-soluble are sold in dry form, so they must be diluted with water immediately before use.

Before applying the product to the surface, be sure to wear rubber gloves. Usage method is usually indicated on the package. Each manufacturer has its own. Carefully read the instructions and act in accordance with it.

If for some reason you decide not to use a liquid or simply did not find it, then you can try removing the paint coat with a sharp spatula. This is a rather long and laborious process. After you finish to remove the main layer, the product must be processed with a sanding machine or sandpaper.When using the device, it is necessary to turn it on to the minimum mode and only gradually add power. This will help you not to spoil the treated surface and avoid various scratches and chips.

Another excellent tool with which you can easily remove the old paint from doors, windows or other wooden surfaces is a building dryer or a heat gun. This professional tool in a few minutes will remove the layer of old paint from any surface. A similar effect is achieved by the flow of hot air that comes from a pistol. It is enough to direct it to the surface that requires treatment, and the paint immediately begins to peel off. At the end, you can lightly walk the sanding machine or sandpaper and the work is completed.

How to remove the old paint from the door?

Let's take a concrete example in more detail the whole process. To begin, prepare the door itself. To facilitate the work itself, remove it from the hinges and lay horizontally. Corrosive solutions can spoil the metallic parts (handles, hinges, locks), so we remove them, and fill the cavities with unnecessary rags.Those parts of the surface from which you are not going to remove the paint need to close the film or newspapers.

Spatula carefully remove the remaining layer. Using a brush, apply a special wash to the paint. It is necessary to wait some time (which one, read the instructions), then take the old rag and scrape off the remaining paint. If you can’t clean the entire surface the first time, apply the wash again. For such purposes, construction fen is also often used (we wrote about this above). When the surface is cleaned, take the organic solvent and wash it. This can also be done with plenty of water.

If after all the above procedures, the surface of the tree is darkened, you must use bleach. To do this, we take any (non-oxygen) bleach or regular bleaching powder, dilute it with water about 3 times and process the surface with a metal sponge. Do not rinse with water. After all, we can only apply a topcoat such as stain, varnish or any other.

And the last. When working, be sure to use protective equipment: rubber gloves, goggles and a respirator. For peeling paint do not use abrasive materials, so as not to spoil the surface.For the same reason, you should also carefully use a knife and trowel. Remove the old paint is not so difficult. Although some effort will still have to. Good luck!

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