How to tie the foundations

You will need
  • - metal for reinforcement;
  • - reinforcing mesh;
  • - hot-rolled profile beams;
  • - randbalki;
  • - metal lining;
  • - wooden lintels.
From perpendicular metal rods intersecting each other, create a frame. The distance between the individual points of intersection should be 1.5 meters (each row should consist of four rods).
Previously under the frame lay a reinforcing mesh, welding it to the metal rods.
The concrete foundation damaged by sulphates can be strengthened by overlapping in certain places with hot-rolled profile beams, the ends of which should be supported on additionally laidfoundations. This method of tying foundations can also be used when it is necessary to unload columnar foundations, which over time have lost their former strength.
Install along the foundations randbalki made of metal channels, which must be tightened by bolts.Pass these randbals through the masonry walls of the foundation. All joints are connected by welding metal plates. When mounting randbalkov they should be supported on metal beams laid on temporary supports. To prevent individual elements from falling out of old foundations, put temporary wooden lintels.
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Strengthening the foundations requires certain skills, so do not risk trying to solve this problem on your own. It is better to entrust the execution of such work to specialists with many years of experience.
Helpful advice
Often, on brick foundations, even those that have been reinforced, cracks and other damage may occur, which is why the foundation will be divided into separate blocks, which will later be subject to intense destruction. However, concreting does not eliminate the occurrence of cracks and delamination. But nevertheless, concrete foundations collapse somewhat slower than brick ones. At first, cracks are formed, then gradually the collapse of collapsing elements occurs, which leads to loss of the integrity of the monolithic foundation.The destruction of reinforced concrete foundations occurs in the same sequence as the concrete, but somewhat slower. All these nuances should be taken into account when performing foundation bonding.

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