How to treat the ear?

Diseases of the hearing organs can be extremely dangerous. Indeed, in the absence of timely treatment, they can cause hearing loss. That is why it is important to start treating the ears immediately after the first symptoms appear.

How to treat the ear: tips

It must be remembered that the ear alone cannot be cured with medical drops. What is the treatment of the ear, if you happen to have such a nuisance? The doctor may recommend instillation drugs that contain antibiotics and steroid anti-inflammatory drugs - for example, garazon, polydex.

In ear diseases, lidocaine drops produce a good effect, although they are intended for the treatment of external otitis. To find out more about the drops, we recommend reading the article What to put in your ear.

How to treat ear otitis?

Otitis is a disease that is characterized by inflammation of the organs of hearing. It is divided into external, middle and internal.

External otitis can be treated with a compress of 70% alcohol. For a compress, you need to combine vodka or alcohol 60-70 ml with water, then take gauze, polyethylene, cotton wool and a bandage.In gauze and polyethylene, you need to make a cut where your ear can fit. After that, wet the gauze in a little warmed and diluted vodka and apply a compress so that it is around the ear, but does not cover the auricle. Then put on top of the polyethylene and cotton wool, canvas pinovat them. The auditory canal can be closed with a small cotton swab.

It should be borne in mind that these measures only prevent the development of the disease. External otitis can develop into inflammation, in which treatment with antibiotics is indicated (sofradex, anauran, garazon, polydex, dexon).

When otitis media or labyrinthitis (internal otitis), it is necessary to undergo treatment in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor.

How to treat inflammation of the ears?

If you have an inflamed ear, you should immediately consult a doctor. After the doctor finds out at what stage the disease progresses, he will give you a course of treatment. For starters, he can prescribe you a drop. But if they do not bring the desired effect, the treatment will be carried out using antibiotics.

Is it possible to treat inflammation of the ears with the help of traditional medicine? Yes,we may well turn to the folk remedies for the treatment of inflammatory processes. The first of the remedies that can be used to treat the ear is onion juice. You can also make an infusion of herb of narrow-leaved fireweed. Chamomile extract is used in cases where the ear "flows." Be sure to check out the article What to do if your ear hurts.

How to treat fungus in the ears?

In order to cure the fungus in the ears, it is necessary to take vitamins. Before taking any folk remedies, you need to clear the ear of crusts and various secretions so that the drug penetrates deep into the ear and has a therapeutic effect on it. Traditional medicine advises to treat the ear from the fungus walnut oil or hydrogen peroxide.

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