How to understand your pet?


If you want to know in what mood your pet, look at his ears. In a contented and relaxed cat, they always look forward. If your pet does not like something, then he turns his ears in different directions and presses them to the back of the head.


If the eyes are wide open and the cat is looking at you, then it is all about attention and listening to you. In an angry cat, the eyes become large and glassy. When he heals, he just looks and blinks, smoothly covering his eyes, this is a sign of bliss.


The cat that hunts has a mustache like a fan, wide open. They move when the cat is interested or something is studying and sniffing. If the mustache is relaxed, this is a sign that the animal is tired and wants to rest.


A cat always wags its tail when it doesn’t like something or is angry. If the cat simply moves the tip, then something does not suit her. A quick tail flutter means a fright.


Frightened cat immediately presses the ears and tries to hide and become inconspicuous.

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