How to update the furniture with their own hands: 25 photos with instructions

How to update furniture with chalk paint

Chalk paint is a simple, fast and inexpensive way to transform old furniture.

With it, you can easily create a variety of effects.

It is easy to work with, it dries quickly and is completely safe.

And you can cook it yourself, and in minutes.

Here is what you need:

Construction chalk, gypsum or gypsum plaster from the nearest Stroymag

A little warm water

Any latex or acrylic water based paint

We add the plaster into the water to approximately the consistency of mayonnaise, add paint, mix it thoroughly, and we can use it. Just do not cook a lot, because the plaster solidifies quite quickly, and the finished paint should be used immediately.

Chalk paint fits perfectly even on trimmed wooden surfaces or on surfaces with traces of decoration. Nothing needs to be pre-cleaned and primed!Simply clean the surface of grease and dirt with soapy water.

Surfaces on which the paint should not fall, you need to glue masking tape.

As soon as the surface is dry, you can start painting.

To give the product a finished look, it's also a good idea to install a new fittings.

So simply with the help of paint and new handles you can update the tables, cabinets and dressers.

And it is not expensive at all!

How to upgrade furniture with a stencil.

But we propose to go a step further, and not just repaint the furniture, but create a design element that will tie together the entire interior.

For the first experience, we'll take an old coffee table, and with the help of chalk paint and a paint tape we will print a monochrome print. In this way we will create a simple geometric stencil.

First, we gently rubbed the surface, and then painted the pattern in a checkerboard pattern.

A large bold pattern attracts attention and becomes an important accent in the interior.

Therefore, it is important to reinforce this idea with other elements. In the photo below, for example, a print on the table top and on the inside of the door is visually reinforced with black and white patterns on the dishes.

And here with the pattern on the bookshelves rhymes black and white design of the bed and blankets.

Textiles are perfect for enhancing such accents. At the same time, decorative textile elements can be both bought and made by hand.

If you are fascinated by the idea of ​​stencil painting, you can use more complex stencils to update furniture. They can be bought in specialized stores on needlework.

But with the same success, you can create such a stencil yourself by cutting a pattern on a rigid base, such as linoleum or dense polyethylene.

Agree that stencil painting is available even to those who cannot draw at all, but want to create something extraordinary with their own hands.

Using this method of furniture renovation, pay attention not only to complex patterns, but also to an interesting combination of simple motifs.

When you feel confident in using stencils, you may be interested in updating new furniture.

How to update furniture with wallpaper.

This method is for those who are afraid to paint in panic.

Old furniture must be prepared for painting - sanding, putty. After painting stick wallpaper.Instead of wallpaper, you can take gift paper or geographical maps.

To protect the surface of the wallpaper is better to cover with a layer of varnish.

Hauling furniture.

To say that dragging a sofa on your own is easy, it would be an exaggeration. But even a man who has never done this can drag a chair or chair with his own hands.

Especially if there is someone to call for help: in this case, four hands are better than two!

All you need is a fabric for furniture and some tools, the most expensive of which is a construction stapler.

Remove the seat from the chair and cut a piece of fabric of the required size. Keep in mind that you will need overlaps on each side to secure the fabric.

Next, secure the fabric around the perimeter with a stapler. At the same time, the fabric should be stretched to prevent folds.

Pay special attention to the corners.

It remains only to fasten the seat back to the chair.

Each of the ideas proposed by us is simple and will not exactly ruin the family budget, so it will be difficult to find an excuse not to use at least one of them.

But real magic can happen only if you creatively approach the process and are able to create a holistic style.

To do this, you will most likely have to combine all these ideas with each other.

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