How to wear lace this spring?

In the spring collections, as always, a lot of lace. We tell what to buy in the first place and how to wear it all right when the thermometer outside the window finally shows a plus.

3 things of lace that are worth paying attention to:

Pencil skirt

This season, classic pencil skirts have acquired a new sound - they have become even more feminine thanks to lace. From a large weave or small, translucent or fully closed - choose any model and wear with a familiar jacket or bomber jacket and a sweatshirt.

Burberry, spring-summer 2-16

Burberry, spring-summer 2-16

H & M Skirt

H & M Skirt (2 499 rubles)

Crop top

If, all of a sudden, last spring you were able to get past the cropped tops fashion - in this you can hardly repeat this! The safest option is a cropped lace top, which should be worn with a silk top. This deuce will look great with various models of trousers - wide and flared, as well as jeans and culottes.

Dolce & Gabbana, Spring-Summer 2016

Dolce & Gabbana, Spring-Summer 2016

 Topshop Crop Top

Topshop Crop Top (3 072 rub.)


A lace dress is a timeless purchase.A neat boat neckline or V-neck, knee-length, long sleeve or short - the key features of a perfect dress. Color - at your discretion. Indisputable favorites - black, indigo and red. In the summer, rich shades of orange and coral, as well as pastel colors, will look spectacular with tan.

Gucci, spring-summer 2-16

Gucci, spring-summer 2-16

Zara dress

Dress Zara (4 999 rub.)

How to wear it correctly?

Lace + knit

Lace - summer material. Therefore, while March does not indulge us with warmth, combine lace dresses with knitted knitwear. A cardigan or a knitted sweater, worn over a lace blouse, will look important due to the texture of the game and will not allow you to freeze.

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