Ice Candlestick

In winter, when frosts are established, we make multi-colored round toys out of ice with children. Take the balloons, preferably more dense, and pour the water in them. We put a rope in the middle so that it would peek out of the spout and be in the water, we tied a ball and take out such blanks in the cold. In the morning we cut the rubber base and get a beautiful transparent ice ball. If you add paint to the water (gouache or watercolor), then the balls come out multi-colored. We decorate these ice toys with trees that grow in our garden. It turns out unusual and fabulous. And on New Year's Eve in this way you can decorate the Christmas tree, which is located on the street. Only such ornaments are subject to a minus temperature. This year we went further and decorated the veranda of a country house with ice candlesticks. They are easy to make and they will really serve as an original decor. Prepare the following components for work: - one large capacity and a second smaller one (in the photo is a dessert package and a small glass); - floral decoration (slices of oranges lemonssprigs of pine); - tablet candle (plus lighter or matches); - water.
 Ice Candlestick
First you need to decide on the shape of the candlestick. If you want to get a round stand, then take a container of the appropriate shape. For example, packing from sour cream, the bottom part of a plastic bottle, a bucket of ice cream. The main condition is that this container be soft, as it will have to be cut later. The second container (smaller) must be of the same shape as the base. If you prefer square or rectangular candlesticks, then take Tetra Pak from under juice or milk (large base) and the same form of smaller size (from cream). Now about the decorative content. It can be all sorts of vegetable components: dried flowers, twigs with berries, needles, pieces of fruit or textured vegetables, stalks of indoor plants ... In a word, everything your heart desires. Go to work! Take a large container and fill it with your chosen decor. You can put a lemon slice on the bottom.
 Ice Candlestick
Place pine branches on top. Sideways neatly put slices of oranges or other citrus fruits.
 Ice Candlestick
 Ice Candlestick
Place a smaller container on top, press down slightly so that it does not stand for borders of the first base.
 Ice Candlestick
Pour water into a large container, just watch that so that the liquid does not displace the filling and does not overflow the boundaries of the small container. You can put a press on top or cover with a lid.
Icy candlestick
Send the blank to the freezer. We need to stand it there for about a day. This is what happens after freezing.
 Ice Candlestick
Remove large and small containers. Rate the beauty of the candlestick.
Ice Candlestick
It remains only to place in the center a candle in the form of a tablet, to light it and enjoy the charm and scent of the candlestick made of ice.Such pieces can be made several pieces, place them on balcony of the apartment or the veranda of your country house. Original, simple and fascinating. Your guests will not immediately be able to guess what these decorative ornaments are made of.

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