Idea for trendy decor woven from recycled paper

Beautiful and convenient basket in which you can put different things useful in any home. You can even make several pieces of different shapes and sizes. The dignity of the project can be attributed to the availability of necessary materials. After all, a basket of what's at hand is padded. Use old newspapers or sheets of recycled paper.

Collect everything you need: paper, sharp scissors, good glue of strong fixation. This basket will be with handles, which are made of a long leather belt.

The main element of the basket is long paper strips. With their help, you can weave a fairly stable and dense structure. Use a knitting needle, sushi stick or wooden skew as a template. Twist the sheet diagonally, glue the ends together.

You can buy sheets of recycled paper, or use craft packages and paper from the packaging.If you are going to weave from old magazines and newspapers, you can paint the finished basket.

The bottom of the basket is cut from cardboard or plywood. In the latter case, you can use the basket as a tray (the design will be more durable)

We fix the strips, which will be the basis of weaving, between two rectangles (they will become the bottom). Use strong glue. Wait for it to dry completely before starting to weave. If you need a tall basket with a hard frame, you can put sushi sticks in a vertical rack, or another solid base.

Now gently weave in horizontal stripes. After completing the weaving, secure the top edge of the basket. If it is difficult for you to hold vertical stripes, attach them to the wall of a tall box with clothespins or masking tape.

Cover the finished basket with clear acrylic lacquer and wait for it to dry. A basket of newspapers can be painted with acrylic paint, and only then apply varnish.

From the old belt come out great handles for a tray or basket. Measure out the desired length and carefully cut.

Mark marker holes that will serve for fastening.

They can be drilled with a drill or pierced with a thick awl.

Fasten decorative screws to your belt.

It remains to attach the handle to the basket. She will find many uses in any home.

You can not paint a basket or tray of crafting paper - it looks great without additional finishing. For a basket of newspapers suitable acrylic paint in a can. And you can paint the strips themselves for weaving. Then, when weaving, you can use different colors of paper "rods", combining them together.

You can paint the paper using the method described in the video.

Paper baskets are not as durable as those weaving from vines. But if we are not talking about storing wet things, their functions are the same. Here are some ideas on how to fit a basket in the interior.

Use baskets to place dishes and appliances. But put only dry objects in the paper basket.

Place the spice jars on the wicker tray. So they will always be at hand.

Highlight wicker tray for fragrant oils.

Use the basket as a breadbasket or basket for eggs.

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