Ideas for cabinets that make room in the room and make it seem bigger

First of all, the closet is needed in order not to hang things on the backs of the chair. But, as it turned out, he has another useful feature. Laconic panels will hide household appliances that do not fit into the design of the room, and sometimes even separate areas of your apartment. Do not believe? Then pay attention to this amazing furniture!

Cozy bathroom instead of laundry

In many homes, a washing machine is located in the bathroom. So that the equipment does not disturb the harmonious atmosphere of the room in which you want to relax, hide it behind a mirror panel.

Similarly, you can do with the machine located in the kitchen. Hide it together with other kitchen appliances so that the stylish decoration of the dining room does not interfere.

Do not be afraid to remove the refrigerator from the kitchen!

You should not try to fit a large object where there is not enough space.Take it out into the hallway, by building a cabinet.

Hide iron and ironing board together

The built-in system allows you to bring your clothes in order, without going too far from the cabinet. And then you can immediately hang it.

Small home office outside the door

Psychologists advise those who work at home not to sleep in the same room as your computer. If this is not possible, hide your desk behind the cabinet panel so that nothing distracts you from rest.

Disguise TV area

Another troublemaker in the bedroom is the TV. Among other things, modern technology does not always fit into the classic interior. Cover all appliances with panels when you need to rest.

For those who do not like to make the bed

If your living room serves as a bedroom, you don’t have to sleep on a folding sofa or couch. Install a system in which the bed will hide behind the doors of the closet, rising to the wall.

Little boudoir in the closet

Today, a rare woman can afford a secret room to maintain her beauty. But you can hide the dressing table in the closet so as not to share your main secrets with anyone.

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