Ideas from professionals: the secrets of the design of small bathrooms

The small size of the bathroom - a common problem of many typical apartments. But you want in this room to achieve comfort, while placing the necessary appliances. Here are some tips that will visually expand the space and save on finishing materials.

Paste over the walls of the toilet wallpaper

In the old brick house there is an acute problem of uneven walls. Instead of spending time and money on alignment, use wallpaper with a pattern. Humidity in a separate toilet is not as high as in the bathroom and you can do without tiles. However, the wallpaper is better to choose moisture-proof, they can be washed if necessary.

Paint the walls to save space

Tile refers to the materials that will remove a few millimeters of the area of ​​your room. If for large rooms it is not particularly noticeable, then in a small toilet it is better to prefer painting.Choose waterproof dyes for walls.

Wall mural painted in the room perspective

If you do not have enough space, you can "finish" it. Perspective drawings can give to the room of additional depth. Use laconic landscapes and balance the bright photoactivity with one or two monophonic walls

Light shades expand the space

Do not neglect the standard techniques for small spaces. Glossy tiles and walls of light colors will do their job perfectly. Light wood and chrome plumbing enhance the feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

Bright color combining space

Saturated colors of warm gamut work in almost the same way as white. Paint the door and wall with one shade to create a single wall space. It is better to make the second part of the room light so that the room does not seem to be closed.

Natural wood with moisture resistant impregnation

At first glance, wood is not suitable for wet rooms. But the special treatment makes this material very convenient for finishing the bathroom and toilet. The room looks cozy and elegant.

The combination of different textures

Several different materials can be perfectly combined even in a very small room. One or two walls can be pasted with tiles, leaving the rest painted. A convenient shelf with several useful knick-knacks will create additional volume.

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