In skillful hands, the wire basket becomes an unusual decor.

The author of this project used colored patches, resulting after blooming rugs. But you can make a lamp out of any old clothes. In any case, you need to start with the preparation of thin and long strips of cloth. It is better to tear the textiles with your hands, cutting the fabric with scissors only at the very beginning. So the strips will look more textured.

Use LED lamps, except that they save electricity, the lamp will not heat up. Therefore, you can not be afraid that the textile will heat up and ignite.

For the project will need:

  • fabric floor mats;
  • 2 wire baskets;
  • lamp holder;
  • wire

Tie the first strip to the very edge of the wire basket, and begin to braid it, holding the strip alternately over the first rod, then under the second. And so on until the strip ends.

After simply tie the flap of the next color, and continue the weaving.When the whole basket is braided, tie a knot around one of the twigs. In the same way braid the second basket.

Fasten the cartridge with the LED lamp inside the structure, stretching the cord from above. Using wire, secure the two pieces of the basket together. Now the lamp is covered on all sides with textiles, and the light will be soft and diffused.

This lamp will look good at home and in the garden. Particularly harmoniously such a lamp will look in combination with a mount of thick rope.

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