In vitro fertilization

Girls, someone has done in vitro fertilization? I really need your advice and support. I recently removed the fallopian tubes, now I can never get pregnant, but we have been dreaming about a baby for a long time. Recently I read about eco, but I don’t know whether to do it.


I would like to help you with something, but among my friends there are no such women who did IVF. My neighbor had no children for a long time, but she and her husband have a problem there, so they already adopted two children, bring them up, happy ones like that. I look at them and my soul rejoices, she has been treated for so long, she says if she knew, it’s been a long time since the child was taken. What about your husband's health? Have you ever consulted about IVF?

Now is the time, many do IVF. My friend did, but that was almost five years ago. And the first time nothing happened, and then the pregnancy came. It used to be very expensive, now it is cheaper. They are now thinking about the second child. If you want a child, then you have to either do eco, or take the baby from the baby house.

Of course, IVF should be done in such a situation, this is the only chance to become a mom. My kuma had a similar situation, could not get pregnant for a long time. Then the pregnancy came, but the ectopic, as it turned out. She became ill, lost consciousness, the ambulance was taken to the hospital, where she was immediately operated on. After that, she was treated, but in another clinic, the second fallopian tube was all in adhesions. The treatment did not help, the second tube was also removed. She suffered so much that even now my soul hurts when I remember all this. On the nervous ground, godfather even wanted to divorce her husband, but he loves her very much, endured everything. And then I became interested in Eco, and found an oocyte donor base for them. picked up a donor so that the child was completely similar to the parents. Made IVF, and she gave birth to two boys. Children grow up, parents are happy. So you do not give up, you will have children.

Now sister has endometriosis of like she has a chance of getting pregnant. If you fail, make IVF.

There was an experience, not for me, but for a very close person. What exactly are you interested in? I can answer all questions, write in a personal.IVF is not such a terrible procedure, especially if you consider how much it can give you happiness =)) let everything work out for you! I'll keep the cams)

and who can recommend a surrogate motherhood clinic? What is the best way to carry out such eco services? it seemed to me like they said to Altravita, according to many, there are good statistics and there arehttps://surr-mama.rusee their bases

everything is difficult in reality

I was a godfather and everything went very well, although of course my thoughts were different on this subject and the result of the whole thing.

Are you sure this is the way to sterility?

Hello girls! My friend has the exact same situation. Can not get pregnant for a long time. I decided to go to the clinic Biotex, which is located in Ukraine. A lot of positive reviews about this clinic, a very high rating. They carry out an IVF procedure and so on.

Throw off a link to a video about this clinic. And I want to be on defense. Are you watching what they say for this clinic ?? how can you? In this clinic, provide procedures that help to fulfill the dream of parents.

Of course it is, as in your case, in fact, this is almost the only option to have a baby.Moreover, now you can not worry about it at all, medicine has gone far ahead and now there is a lot more chance that everything went positively than before. Personally, I did not do IVF, but my godfather, after agonizing years of trying, decided, and in the end everything went positive. I know exactly what I was doing here in this clinic. so I advise you to go there.

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I live in Israel, we don’t even have a question here. If you don’t succeed in Russia - come to Israel - then the best medicine in the world and for sure the absence of pipes today is not a hindrance to having a child.

I did eco. Before that, she planned for a long time, nothing worked out for unknown reasons. I began to think about IVF under the quota, but the gynecologist didn’t say anything to me, but there was no time to seek justice, since watch dotikali already up to 35 years. So I took my money off the bill and went to paid reproduction specialists. She stopped at the clinic "Mother and Child" Southwest on Ostrovityanova, because I was impressed there by the fertility specialist (Y.Arnaeva). I liked her speech, professionalism, attitude towards me very much - and yet I was not yet her patient, I just came to a trial reception.It turned out that I already have most of the necessary tests and I don’t need much to do that, no one tried to insist on turning tests in this particular clinic - and I liked that too. We got the result from the second replanting, and two more embryos were frozen. So I got the result for relatively little money. With OMS, as I understand it, you still have to pay for the same drugs, for example, and so on.

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