Incredible things from ordinary horseshoes. Ideas for inspiration

The symbol of happiness and good luck horseshoe appointed many years ago. If you have a familiar blacksmith, and access to a large number of horseshoes, consider that luck has already smiled at you. After all, from the horseshoes you can make a stunning decor for a country house and garden.

Handles for wooden boxes

Put together a few boards and cover with a simple stain. If you add to this design a couple of horseshoes that will play the role of pens, you will have an interesting box in the style of rustic.

Hangers for things and decor

Hunting lovers will appreciate the slightly aggressive gun hanger. But peace-loving decorators can use such a device for storing outerwear.

Shoe rack

In addition to horseshoes, you will need a few pieces of reinforcement or wide boards. You can store shoes on the porch or in the hallway.

Exterior decoration

If the decor of the interior space is important not to overdo it with such an active decor, then you can not restrain yourself on the street. Even a few items will look great in the yard.A lock, hangers for clothes or even a ringing bell will give a rustic mood to your site.

Toilet paper holder

In differs from the city apartment, the bathroom in the house can be made really spacious. And accessories for such a room can be outstanding.

Fixtures for a picnic

It is difficult to imagine a country house without gatherings of friends around a fire. With these coasters drinks will always be at hand.

Seasonal decorations

If you plan to celebrate the holidays in the country, you can make a very interesting decor. And the forest near the house will not suffer from illegal logging.

Stands for dishes

A great way to place your dishes in a country house. Hang the cups and glasses on the original racks. Even more effective will look like a horseshoe as a stand for a bottle of wine.

Make original furniture

This master does not want to be limited to small crafts. From old horseshoes you get monumental forged furniture. Collect shelves, tables or even garden chairs.

The rocking chair from the horseshoes will be pretty heavy, leave it on the first floor of the house or even on the street.

Wonderful table with a leg of horseshoes complement the original scorched pattern.

For the bench will need a lot of horseshoes. Supplement her with pillows that will clean the house in bad weather.

Chandeliers and lamps

Massive, but very elegant chandeliers will look great with both natural and artificial candles.

You can choose a more classic design, complementing the base of sconces with a pair of horseshoes.

You can make a simple, but very beautiful candlestick.

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