Inflammation of the lungs: treatment and symptoms

Pneumonia photoInflammation of the lungs is a common disease. According to statistics in Russia about a million cases are recorded annually. What can it say? Yes, just that it is not so easy to prevent pneumonia. Despite the achievements of modern medicine, pneumonia remains a very dangerous disease. About 5% of cases can not win this disease and die. This is a lot. In Russia, mortality from pneumonia is in sixth place. Therefore, do not delay with treatment. As soon as the first signs of pneumonia appeared, you should immediately consult a doctor.


Causes of pneumonia.



Doctors can not clearly name the causes of pneumonia. But it is clearly established that in pneumonia the body is affected by many bacteria. This can be staphylococcus, and Pfeiffer wand, and Klebsiella, and fungi, and streptococci, and Proteus, and much more. Usually, several viruses are infected at once.They constitute a bacterial-viral association. Under the influence of acinobacteria, branhamellas, aeronamas, pneumocystitis and asperilla there is hospital inflammation of the lungs. Most often, such pneumonia occurs due to physical or chemical pathogens. For example, under the influence of carbon dioxide. Pneumonia can also be caused by exposure to severe cold or overheating of the lungs. But this should occur in conjunction with bacterial intervention in the body.


The development of the disease occurs due to an allergic reaction in the tissues of the lungs. Bacteria enter the body through lymphogenous, geatogenic or bronchogenic pathways. Very often pneumonia develops against the background of other lung diseases, such as acute bronchitis. The protective mechanisms of the body are violated, the immune system is not able to resist the attack of viruses, and a disease of humoral immunity appears.


Very quickly, bacteria adapt to the existence inside the lung tissue. Reproduction occurs inside the alveoli. Temperature changes inside the lungs only contribute to this process. After a certain time, swelling of the lungs begins.In this fluid, bacteria live very long and multiply rapidly. As a result, immunity is reduced, and as a result of allergic reactions to a foreign body, lung tissue is destroyed. The first reaction of the body is a strong cough and pain in the lungs. First, infection of the upper respiratory tract, then deep infection of bacterial focal and lobar pneumonia. After a while, bactericidal activity decreases slightly and during the second week symptoms of the disease appear.


Such infection leads to the development of acute pneumonia. If we urgently did not start the course of treatment, then the illness goes into a chronic stage.

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