Interesting idea. An ordinary cardboard box can be turned into a beautiful decor.

Packing cardboard is an excellent material for creativity. You can make a lot of things out of it: from children's toys to original design elements. The advantages of cardboard are low weight and ease of processing. Surprisingly, for the realization of some of them, the cardboard does not even need to be pasted over.

Indispensable cardboard for children's games. If you want to make it a lot of interesting things. A great place to store toys will be a cardboard dome.

It is easy to turn waste packaging into cardboard guitars.

A little diligence, and the cardboard will turn into a convenient children's corner.

Diverse lighting fixtures made of cardboard look perfect.

Cardboard will be an excellent basis for hanging panels.

The cardboard chair can withstand not only the child, but also an adult.

Cardboard box - will be an excellent basis for a basket or box.

Easy to turn the box and organizer.

Functional coasters for magazines and folders are practical and convenient.

Indispensable cardboard when creating pompons.

Make a cardboard piggy bank can even a child.

You can make a holder under the phone in minutes.

Use cardboard can be and when creating a false fireplace.

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