Interesting variants of suspended pots

Cache-pot, literally translated from French, means "hidden pot." Indeed, the purpose of this product is to hide an unaesthetic container in which the flower grows, from prying eyes.

Suspended pots have an additional function - they allow you to place the plant most profitably, without being tied to the shelves, using the interior space most efficiently. In addition, this option is an additional, very stylish accent in the interior.

If you are a creative person, it makes sense to make a hanging flowerpot with your own hands. Options for how to do it and from what, a lot.

What materials are used?

Hanging baskets, which are designed for indoor use, are most often made of plastic, wood, metal, ceramics, and also natural materials, such as rattan. If you are going to place the pots in your garden, on the balcony, in another unheated room, you should choose cold-resistant materials. As a rule, it is fireclay and faience.Twine and other variations of rather strong threads, which are often weaved using macrame technique, are used for hanging.

A more exclusive variation is wrought iron, but it is more often used for floor or wall products. Street pots can also be made of wood, but here one should pay attention to the type of wood, the quality of its processing, and the extent to which the whole structure is moisture resistant.

The most budgetary option, considering the purchase of a finished product, is plastic. It is suitable both for the street, and for premises.

A hanging pot can also perform additional functions, for example, be at the same time a container for a flower pot and be an aquarium. Outdoor options can be a pet's house.

Interesting ideas related to the lighting of premises and zones. Cache pot can be your night light. To realize such a project it is possible, for example, through LED-illumination.

How to do it yourself

There are a lot of options, like self-made pots from improvised and budgetary materials. If you do not want to spend any significant financial resources,for these purposes, fit old vinyl records and even plastic bottles. But to make a truly unique and stylish product, you will have to invest a little!

For example, one of the stylish options for hanging baskets is made from coconut. Of course, the volumetric flower pot will not fit into the cavity formed after the extraction of coconut pulp, but for plants with a small root system, this solution is just right.

All that is required is a Bulgarian. Nut can be cut in the middle, then at the output you will get as many as two small containers, in which you can place unpretentious lobelia.

The flesh is removed from the shell, after the juice is drained, and the nut has dried a little. On the upper edge, three holes are made for the ropes (chains, wires) with which the product is suspended. For durability, the resulting construction can be varnished. Especially aesthetically pleasing in such pots look orchids. What is not an option for the winter garden ?!

Going into any hardware store, you can pick up materials for the manufacture of "masking pots." It can be mirrored tiles, transparent multi-colored glass inserts.For one product they will need five pieces: one tile is the base, to which four "sides" are attached. Glue them together with an adhesive gun.

Holes for ropes or materials that are ready to perform the function of suspension, you can not drill, but simply place the product in the finished “braid”, so that it is held by strained threads along the base and edges. This solution can be resorted to in the event that you needed street pots.

But before you create, think about what plant you put in the hanging basket !?

What flowers are suitable for hanging pots?

Definitely answer the question of which flowers to choose for pots, it is impossible. It all depends on your vision and goals. For example, in pendant pots, you can grow various spicy herbs and spices right in your kitchen. And from the outside it will look very stylish and harmonious. Even provided that your "hanging pots" of the cheapest plastic.

For the design of a balcony, strawberries or another small-fruited plant will be a good option. And beautiful and useful! But to place in the pot, you should try to take small, even even dwarf plants with a straight stem.All flowers that need a support of the stem, in hanging baskets lose their appearance, are not remarkable.

The best option - it's still a variety of ivy and loach, which beautifully fall along the edges of the tank, framing it. The best example is a cascade petunia. Just keep in mind that this type of plant requires at least five liters of soil.

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