Interior with roller blinds

How to choose roller blinds

When buying curtains pay attention to certain points. So, the adjustment mechanism. You can choose a manual drive or a device that has an electric drive. Of course, the second method will be more expensive, but it allows you to control the curtains using the remote control.

Do not confuse roller blinds with Roman. Their appearance and fastenings are similar, but there is a difference in the mechanism for twisting the web. In Roman blinds, the material is gathered into folds, in rolls - it is completely hidden in the box when the curtain is raised to the top.

Monochromatic Roller Blinds

Such opaque curtains can be hung in the bedroom. They are great to replace soft standard curtains. In addition, they will be useful in a home cinema or children's room, where, too, from time to time it is necessary to hide the room from the sun's rays completely.

Translucent roller blinds

It is not always necessary to completely darken the room, so for a living room or kitchen, choose translucent curtains that allow enough sunlight to pass through even when lowered.

Roller blinds with photo printing

A great option for those who, with the help of modern technology, want to decorate the curtains with a pattern, making the interior more attractive, original, and individual. You can order something intricate or personal for roller blinds.

Rolled bamboo curtains

Bamboo is a natural material that is very reliable, almost does not fade, provides good thermal insulation. You can choose any shade of curtains, because there are almost 200 varieties of bamboo. Your bamboo curtains can be light golden or very dark.

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