Japanese gymnastics for excellent posture and slender figure

Hypodynamia is considered a serious problem of our time. The human body developed in conditions of severe physical exertion. By inheritance from our ancestors, we got a metabolism that suggests that we will constantly move.

Ancient people hunted and ran away from predators, so they did not suffer from obesity. A modern person spends most of his life sitting in front of a monitor or TV screen. Therefore, the issue of losing weight has become very relevant. A strict diet can cause serious harm to the body. And the gym is not available to everyone, because classes take so much time!

A way out of a difficult situation is suggested by Japanese gymnastics, the exercises of which can be performed at home without special simulators. Arm yourself with a roller and a practice mat.

Initially, Japanese gymnastics with a roller, the author of which was Dr. Fukutsuji, was developed as a set of exercises for the spine. But it turned out that correcting his posture, a man improves his figure.

Firstly, due to the incorrect position of the vertebrae, bone expansion can occur, which makes the abdomen larger.

Secondly, poor posture leads to improper redistribution of the load on the muscles. In the correct position, the abdominal muscles are tightened, which means that the silhouette of the waist is thinner. Due to the incorrect redistribution of weight when walking, the load goes to the lower back. The abdominal muscles become weaker, and the stomach bulges out. Even very thin people can face such a problem.

Among other things, because of the patient's spine, a person becomes lower. Correct your posture, and the figure will be better!

To perform the exercise is not necessary to buy ready-made sports equipment. You can build a roller out of a regular towel. Tie the roller with tape or thread. They should not be felt back, when you put a cushion under the waist. Start your lesson on the smallest roller. When you get used to it, take a bigger towel.

Do the exercise on the floor or on a gymnastic mat. Do not make it on a soft surface!

Lie on the floor, placing the roller perpendicular to the spine exactly under the navel.Draw a line from the navel with two fingers on both sides, your hands should touch the towel.

Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders, and touch each other with your big toes. The heels will be placed apart.

Raise your arms above your head and place your palms down so that the little fingers touch each other. At first, it may be difficult for you to keep your arms straight. You can slightly dissolve your elbows, but do not separate the little fingers. Try to stay in this position as long as possible. Start with 1-2 minutes, and increase the time to 5. In order not to get confused, you can set a timer on the phone. After completing the exercise, lie on the floor for a few more minutes in a comfortable position for you, and only then get up.

Every day you have to spend only a few minutes to maintain health and good posture. Agree, not too difficult. The result will appear only after a month of regular classes. Over time, you will get rid of muscle clamps and spinal curvature. The Japanese argue that good posture has a positive effect on metabolism.

Even if you do not do other exercises, the waist will become thinner.By fixing the spine, you can begin other workouts. Now they will be easier, because it will be easier for you to properly distribute the load on the muscles.

Remember that Japanese gymnastics, first of all solves the problems of posture, and do not neglect cardio and strength training. By the way, a towel roll can be useful here.

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