Jewelry with colored stones against the January melancholy

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

The colored gemstones can instantly refresh any image with their presence. Whether it's earrings with emeralds, rings with rubies or a necklace with bunches of sapphires - to have such a luxurious jewelry "wand-bailout" is worth every one of us. Spectacular jewels with colored stones perfectly demonstrate their potential with monophonic clothes that need a drop of color so as not to seem so gloomy. And this applies especially to winters: in abundance of gray, black and brown colors we are looking for bright accents everywhere and arranging for ourselves color therapy at the expense of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, topazes and amethysts.

Gold pendant with emeralds and diamonds

Connoisseurs of jewelry say that the increased interest in colored stones has recently been caused by the fact that buyers are looking for a color in their own personality, they rely on their own shade, which reflects the taste and character.

Date: 09.10.2018, 08:52 / Views: 51555

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