Kitchen Panel

The kitchen is a eating place and a nook for tea. Therefore, the decor should be similar to the subject, so that it would not only cause delight, but also appetite. Try to make an original panel of dough and other additional materials.
Panel to the kitchen
For works you need to prepare: - a piece of hardboard; - a wooden frame; - wall plinth; - glue gun; - pieces of openwork and transparent fabric; - gouache paint; - golden paint in a tube or jar; - clear lacquer; - dough for modeling. The material from which all the elements of the picture are made is dough. You can buy ready-made dough for creativity, it is already sold in different shades. But, the dough made at home is in no way inferior in quality to the shop. Here is his recipe! Mix 2 servings of flour with 1 portion of salt (for example, 4 cups of flour and 2 cups of salt). Salt need to take large. Add 1 large spoonful of starch and 2 spoons of vegetable oil. Then gradually pour in water and knead the dough. It should resemble soft clay.Let the dough stand out! Store material for very long in plastic bags. You can immediately paint it in different shades by adding food coloring. Now take the frame that you have and measure its size. Cut out the hardboard frame and glue these two parts together. The hardboard should be immediately painted with gouache paint. Choose the tone that fits your kitchen interior. Cut 2 long pieces from the wall plinth and glue them vertically. Then you need to make 4 short planochki, place them horizontally. There will be 6 cells. The next stage of the robots is covering the frames and details of the plinth with golden paint. Now go on to making crafts out of dough. In the center of the picture is a samovar and 3 cups with saucers. Round bagels are fixed on the samovar.
 Panel to the kitchen
And sweet treats are placed in small cells. This is a small cake.
Panel to the kitchen
Round-shaped gingerbread and cookies.
 Panel to the kitchen
Strawberry berries on a branch.
Panel to the kitchen
Rolls,buns and bagels.
Panel to the kitchen
Candy with dough.
 Panel to the kitchen
Clay pot with honey.
Panel to the kitchen
All the details of the picture need to be sculpted separately, dried and painted with gouache. And only then glue on the base and cover with a clear varnish. The final stage is the decor. You can make improvised curtains over a samovar, and instead of a tablecloth, glue a piece of openwork fabric. The composition is ready!
 Panel to the kitchen
It will be a great decoration for your kitchen and will appetite your guests and tenderness.

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