We knit a scarf-hood with a pattern of braids and tassels

Knit a warmScarf-hood with a beautiful pattern and tassels at the ends.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (75% wool, 25% silk; 200m / 100g) 1000 g gray;
  2. needles number 7;
  3. 1 auxiliary needle;
  4. hook number 7.


Sizes:Scarf length (without brushes) = 210 cm; width of the scarf = 30 cm; hood = 72 x 84 cm.

Pattern Description

The front surface: front rows - front loops, purl rows - back loops.

Scarce knitting: in the front and back rows all loops are facial.

"Braids" Patterns A and B

We knit by the schemes A and B. Face (= odd) rows are knitted from right to left, even (= purl) rows are tied according to the drawing.

Rapport (= 16 loops) is performed 1 times wide, and we constantly repeat 1-10 rows in height.  

Edging hinges

We knit a nodular edge: first and last loops in a row (= edge loops) in each row are knitting the front.

Density of Knitting

13p x 20p = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface;

16p "Braids" = 7.5 cm wide.

Both samples are linked by a double thread.

Always knit with a double thread.

Knitting description

Right end of the scarf

We collect double thread 52 loops and knit, distributing the loops as follows: 1 krome. (knit the front loop), 4 garter stitch loops, 16 Scythe A loops, 10 front surface loops, 16 Scythe B loop, 4 garter stitch loops, 1 chrome (we knit the front).

After 70 cm = 140 rows, in izn. a row of 46 loops are closed and on the remaining 6 loops we continue to knit a garter stitch front hood (the edging is still knitting with facial ones).

Having connected the bar length of 36 cm (= 76 rows), we remove the loop on the auxiliary thread.

Left end of the scarf

We knit, as the right, but the front bar for the hood is knit from the left edge. To do this, after the 139th row, next izn. We close the 46 loops in the row; on the remaining 6 loops, we perform a 36 cm long bar; we remove the loops with an auxiliary thread.


We collect 106 loops on the knitting needles with a double thread and knit, distributing the loops as follows: 1 chrome. (knit front loop), 4 garter stitch loops, 16 Scythe A loops, 64 front surface loops, 16 Scythe B loops, 4 garter stitch loops, 1 chrome (we knit the front).

After 56 cm (= 112 rows), we mark 2 middle loops and begin decreasing and adding loops.For this we knit: chrome., 4 garter stitches, 160 "Scythe" A loops, 1 person. p., 2 loops are knitted together with the front one with an inclination to the left (1 loop is removed as a facial, 1 person., then we stretch it through the removed loop), 28 loops of the front surface, we knit 1 person out of the broach with two middle loops. cross-knit p., 2 middle loops knit facial, from the broach knit 1 person. crossed p., 28 loops of the front surface, 2 loops knit together the front, 1 persons. n., 16 loops "Braids" B, 4 loops of garter knitting, 1 chrome (knit front). As a result of the reductions and increases on the needles, an equal number of loops remains. We perform these reductions and increases in each 2nd row 7 more times. Then knit with the previous distribution of loops.

Through 18 cm (= 36 rows) from the last subtracts / increments for the rear bevel of the hood, we knit with shortened rows. To do this, in the front row, we knit according to the pattern to the last loop in front of the middle, turn it with the help of a nakida and wear. R. knit until the end. Loops left half temporarily leave. In the next row, we knit up to 2 loops in front of the turn loop and turn it with the help of a nakida. Then we perform each 2nd row shortened: 1 time for 2 loops, 2 times for 3 loops and 2 times for 4 loops,turning each time with the help of a crochet. Then the loops of the right half are temporarily left and the loops of the left half are knitted symmetrically. To do this, from the middle we perform rows shortened: 1 time for 1 loop, 2 times for 2 loops, 2 times for 3 loops and 2 times for 4 loops. Then loops left shelf temporarily leave.


We prick the details on the pattern, moisten it and leave it to dry. Left loops (= 6 loops on the front of the hood) are joined with a “loop in a loop” seam, each loop of the turn with the next loop is considered as one loop.

Hood sew to a scarf, as shown in the pattern.


For each brush, we cut off 9 threads 40 cm long, fold them in half, and with a crochet we stretch the end with the fold through the knitted fabric to form a loop. Now let the loose ends of the thread through this loop and tighten it.

In total, at the ends of the scarf we attach 17 brushes at equal distances from each other.

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