Knitted dress for girls

Wonderful dress can be knitted from the remnants of yarn for a girl. Such a dress, knitted in two knitting techniques, left only 240 g of CRYSTAL type yarn, where the thread length per 100 g equals 500 m. Those who do not have a typewriter can easily be knitted by hand or crocheted using the same method of partial knitting. Knit the sample with hosiery knitting and calculate the density. I have it 3.5 p / 4.5 p. For a long dress on the height of 110 cm, dial 150 workers hinges on a single-support machine. This is based on the height of the main canvas 45 cm. If you want a short dress, then dial a smaller number of loops. We distribute the threads by color, we will knit like this:
  • 4 full rows with a red thread;
  • 4 rows violet;
  • 4 rows of yellow;
  • 4 rows of white;
  • We translate 52 loops from the RP (working position) to the PNP (front non-working position) and knit further:
  • 4 rows with a red thread;
  • 4 rows of violet.
We are translating another 52 loops from RP to PNP. We now have a PNP 104 loop. We knit another 4 rows, already a yellow thread. We put forward all the loops in the RP and begin to knit with the full rows, but now we have a shift, and the first will be white, then red, purple and yellow. We continue to knit shortened rows, 8 more rows. The color will shift to full rows again. We knit canvas 336 rows.
 Remove the canvas from the hinges
Remove the canvas from the loops and stitch it on a typewriter, or knit it together with a knitted stitch.
turned out skirt
We got a skirt, flared down.
lace 4 rows of scales
Now you need to tie 4 rows of scales to it. In the same order of alternation of colors as the main canvas. To do this, we collect a chain of air loops, equal in length to the bottom of the skirt, a little more. Close the chain and knit lace "scales".
We finish lace
We finish the lace not with the scales themselves, but we knit another row above them.
We bind red
We tie a narrow thread of the skirt with the red thread, that is, its top.
Spotting one row
Buzzing one row, mark the side "seams" of the cloth with any thread or pins. start knitting a series of scales
Stepping back 3 cm from the planned line, we begin to knit a series of scales with threads of red color.
we knit a row with columns
Above the red scales we knit a row of columns with a double crochet of the same color, and the next scales will be purple and. etc. ..
We irradiate 3 times 4 rows of scales, and we remove the shoulders from above. To do this, knit from the line of the edge of 12 loops with / sn on three rows on each side.
we cut all unnecessary threads
From the wrong side we cut all unnecessary threads and hide them in the extreme loops of the rows.
We start the armhole binding
We begin the binding of the armhole and hangers with a red thread very thickly, using 2 s / d with a common vertex. This will allow you to make a beautiful edging top.
left to sew our lace
Now it remains to sew our lace to the hem of the skirt.
we accept
To do this, we affix it to the bottom edge of the cloth.
We hang on a typewriter
We put on a typewriter.
there remains a cute strip of holes
The lace at the top has a cute strip of holes on the pattern. They can be left intact, and you can stretch a satin ribbon or thread.
we tie the buttons with red yarn
For the buckle we tie the buttons with red yarn. Starting from the unclosed loop, which we then tighten. It is also called the Amigur loop.Leave the long end, and then sew the buttons on the back hangers. On the right, you can sew 2 buttons tightly, but on the left, leave one to the neck so that your head can crawl through.
Knitted dress
Dress is ready! And how much she likes my granddaughter! She barely took off.
 Knitted dress for girl

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