Knitting on the fingers is an interesting and very simple technique

In order to knit a scarf, a cape or a rug, it turns out, you don’t always need a hook and, in fact, the ability to knit according to the patterns - it’s enough to get acquainted with a curious knitting technique on your fingers! The final handicraft becomes a long bound strip, which can later be transformed into many other things.

For work, only yarn is required (not necessarily as thick as in the MK). To get started, twist the yarn first, after the middle finger, then with the ring finger, then with the little finger, and flip the thread in front through the middle one, stretching it to the side under the index finger.

Then flip over the index forward, the middle one backward, the nameless one forward, around the little finger, and return, but by the reverse scheme: after the nameless one, in front of the middle one, after the index finger.

The first row, starting at the little finger, flip to the second, do the same with the first stitch at the ring and middle fingers.

In the meantime, continue to weave two more rows in the same pattern to repeat them again.

As a result, you get such a long braid:

When the length suits you, gently remove the stitches from your fingers and transfer them to the adjacent finger: from the little finger to the ring finger, from the ring finger to the middle finger and so on until you reach the index finger with one stitch.

Knitting on the fingers is very intriguing and mesmerizing.

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