Korean cosmetics: quality or deception?

Every woman and girl dreams of preserving the youth and beauty of her skin as long as possible, caring for her gives a lot of trouble to the fair sex representatives, as well as money investments. "And what to do .." - we say when buying another famous miracle flacon, which, according to the manufacturer, promises an incredible effect after the first application.

But when it comes to real use, frustration begins to pour in: either the effect is minimal, or the negative side effects of the application come up, and sometimes, at all, putting out a tidy sum for a small jar of cream, you do not get any result other than a pleasant smell.

Korean women know how to care for themselves

That is why, lately, our fair sex is increasingly looking towards Korean cosmetics. Her main advertisement has always been and will be well-groomed, always youthful, Korean women.

In a good store of Korean cosmetics you will find a huge amount of quality and effective tools.

While the European production of cosmetics stamps the same type of analogs, the Korean ladies beat all records in terms of their own grooming and skin beauty, what is their secret?

If you look at a Korean woman for a minute in one beautiful morning, you will notice one distinctive feature of all these women: morning daily skin and hair care procedures are mandatory for each of them.

Moreover, this fact does not depend on age, and if our ladies are used to thoroughly engage in skin care only when serious temporary changes begin to manifest themselves, then Koreans are used to proper care from the earliest years.

And this is really important, the Korean cosmetics for women is designed for the most diverse age, and the main bias is made on the young contingent, it’s not for nothing that they say “take care of the dress again”.

It is much easier to maintain the health and tone of the outer tissue integuments than to try to correct the already real, existing problems. And always young, fresh and shining, not over the years, Korean women, an excellent proof of this.

Neither of them is ever lazy to apply a lot of creams, masks, lotions and cleansing gels to always look younger than their years.

Most importantly, all Korean cosmetics are based solely on natural ingredients and materials, in contrast to European products, which are created with the aim of “quickly selling”, Korean is subjected to hundreds of tests and experiments.

The fact is that Korean women are very reverent about their appearance, they always strive for the ideal, which they have of snow-white, smooth and perfectly smooth skin.

It can be said that Asian ladies are much more fastidious in the choice of skin care products than our compatriots, so the Korean cosmetic industry has advanced much further than the European.

Korean women carefully kept the recipes of beauty, passing them from generation to generation, but at the same time, they do not refuse to use the progressive technologies of the future.

It is in Korean cosmetics that the most successfully combined centuries-old oriental traditions with the latest progressive research in the field of cosmetology.

It is not for nothing that there is a popular opinion among girls who have already taken advantage of Korean cosmetics: if you use any one complex of skin care products for at least a week, then it can replace most expensive salon procedures.

What other secrets does Korean cosmetics hide in itself?

Many girls, having studied a huge number of positive reviews about Korean cosmetics, are beginning to be interested in its quality, properties, and, of course, price. By the way, about the price.

For you, this may be a pleasant surprise, but Asian cosmetics are not distinguished by insanely expensive prices, they can easily compete with advertised European products for price policy, because even if they cost the same, the quality of cosmetics from Korea is clearly better and more favorable for skin care. .

The choice will surprise you

And all because the Koreans with great pleasure using plant extracts that grow exclusively in their territories. In addition, Korean girls are not in the least afraid of using such unusual components as ant extract, snake venom, and lately, cream with snail mucus is gaining popularity.

By the way, about them. Smearing the face with snail mucus doesn’t sound very good, but such means can please with its incredible multifunctionality and rich composition, which is accepted by human skin as a native skin.

Snail creams Korean cosmetics can please with powerful glycolic acid in combination with proteins, protein, allantoin, collagen and allastin, which the snail needs to build its house and heal the body from damage. Those who are very worried, in the manufacture of such means, not one snail has suffered to get such mucus, they are simply frightened by the light.

Another nice addition to Korean cosmetics is always its pleasant appearance, cute and small bottles are always able to cheer up, and the fragrances with which these bottles are filled can be compared only with natural berries and fruits.

Take care of yourself

By the way, the trendsetter on cute and stylized bottles, became the Korean brand Tony Moly, which not only pleases with cute strawberries, animal figures and cartoon characters, but has recently gained momentum in popularity among our, domestic consumer.

It was they who presented the world with the first of its kind pilling for the feet, which at one time can replace all pedicure procedures at once.

How and where to buy cosmetics from Korea?

Over the past few years, cosmetics from Korea have literally filled the hearts of Russian girls, which made it very popular in Russia, Ukraine, and also in other European countries.

Of course, the best option is to visit Korea, where it is easy to buy cosmetics, as they say, without departing from the cash register. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is the Korean women - girls with a taste, but the constant bleaching of the skin is probably already in their blood, so the lion's share of cosmetic products have a strong whitening result. But this does not in the least hinder the choice of options that are perfect for European girls and women.

Good price and quality

The simpler way is to order cosmetics from official Korean websites that sell off at the manufacturer's price, but there is a catch, which fully reflects the shortcomings of buying Korean cosmetics.

Without knowing the language, as well as not understanding the specific methods of payment on the Internet, it is very difficult not to make a mistake in choosing. Therefore, the easiest option is to buy Korean cosmetics through intermediaries who buy cosmetics on official websites, and then send it to you,having with it a certain percentage of revenue.

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